A 1000 No’s to Get to Yes

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A 1000 No’s to Get to Yes

You ask yourself, "Is it just me always being told NO?"

If you're experiencing more than your share of no’s while you're trying to achieve your goals. You just might unknowingly be in a most exclusive club. The NO Means Yes Club. Then again maybe you're not. One of the very first words that you learn after you are born, and repeatedly pounded into your subconscious is the word NO! Unfortunately, as we mature and move through life, the word NO never seems to trail off. Ask any salesman, how many No’s do you hear before you get the sale. Tons!

What's the point of NO? Delivered friendly or harshly, it just might be the best motivational two-letter word ever invented. Just about everything you can imagine when it comes to modern conveniences started out with a big fat NO! We can all be thankful that the individuals bombarded with this success-killing word chose to blow them off.

What about you and I? If you've ever achieved anything or accomplished your dreams you more than likely heard the word NO many times. My personal favorite NO comes craftily written in a rejection letter. They usually start out with, "We're sorry to inform you." Makes you wonder if whoever crafted those rejection letters, was ever really sorry. I suppose sometimes they are.

Here's the key on how to understand the word NO. Every good idea and every ultimate accomplishment requires a good measure of tenacity, meaning you had to blow them NO’s off. You have to stay true to your gut feelings and your deepest heartfelt ambitions. It's fair for me to say your deep heart ambitions should always be genuine and fair, never deceitful or manipulative. Take every NO you receive along the way as an invitation to succeed in life, even if you face a 1000 of them. After all, you will never know any form of personal achievement without experiencing a ton of NO’s

"The NO’s were served up faster than the yeses. So what did I do? I simply said No to them." Rod Jones Artist-Writer. 

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