Art Speaks Through Your Eyes

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Art Speaks Through Your Eyes: Art really does connect to your brain through what you see. Your ears can betray you. Verbal influences, packed with opinions and analysis can take your visual experience on a dogmatical ride.


Seeing for yourself: The art you view in silence provides the opportunity to connect on a genuine emotional and perhaps a philosophical level. When you first cast your eyes on a painting that you have never seen before, your demeanor and even your facial expressions reveal the initial chaotic thoughts brewing inside your mind. Then something magical happens.


Memories and analysis: Your mind starts the amazing process of interpreting what your eyes are telling you. The first course is going through all of your personal preconceived notions. Once you get past that, your mind has the opportunity to wander through a whole litany of random thoughts. Then you move past that into what I like to call ‘reality of interpretation.’ This is where the real thinking begins. You either come to a pastoral term in your thinking, or you become agitated and uncomfortable. Either way these are your thoughts and they are not contaminated by outside opinions. I have never read anything about what the artist was thinking when he made the work of art. My personal view is every artist wants you to have the luxury of thinking about the work all by yourself. Then you can enjoy the process of exploration visually in your mind.


"The reality of my interpretations on art, depends deeply on my emotional mood." Rod Jones artist

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