Daggers of Thought or Diggers of Steel

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Daggers of Thought or Diggers of Steel: We are all wired to think, meditate, and contemplate. We even regurgitate reminiscing thoughts from our childhood forward. The soft tissues of our brain often referred to as gray and white matter is a biochemical computer. Centuries of research have figured out little about the potential power of the human brain.

It took a computer to build a computer. The computer that made the computer a reality was the human mind. Now in today's world scientists and researchers are trying to enhance or improve upon the human brain by adding cognitive accessories, both surgically implanted and tools that greatly improve our senses.

Today's thoughts spewing out of a creative mind will become antiquated. The thinking process as we now understand it, will virtually become machine-driven. The emotions we experience that make us uniquely human will become daggers of steel. Human compassion is on the threshold of becoming reprogrammed to serve a yet-to-be-defined array of entities. Most likely those entities will be driven by daggers of thought.

What are daggers of thought or daggers of steel? What is a dagger anyway? Well besides being a sinister fighting knife it was the favorite weapon for assassins. In this case, it can represent the severing or termination of original thoughts. The daggers of steel are the machines that have gained the ability to terminate mankind's original thought processes.

Set in our ways is the shepherd of a mind desperately trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy. The daggers of now are ready to sever our personal innovative creative thinking. The machines are in the process of stealing away our very own conscious thoughts. 

The future is being presented at such a fast pace that it's almost impossible to understand or embrace. It’s important to keep your thoughts sharpened and focused, perhaps with your own dagger of steel. 

“Today and every day guard your mind, all is not lost if you maintain your freedom of thought.” 

Rod Jones Artist-Writer

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