Entranced By Arts Bewitching

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Entranced By Arts Bewitching: Powerfully seductively attractive. Is art, or for that matter, all creativity alluring? Is it always in the eyes of the beholder? The makers of such works never truly understand the power they possess. Think about what resonates with you. Are you being visually seduced by its allure, drawn in to be taken on a journey? Art thrives on imagination. It starts with its creation, and it generally ends with the viewer. The images can find comfort or discomfort in our thoughts. Leaving us "entranced by arts bewitching."


It's nearly impossible to understand certain works of art's ability to confound the imagination. No two works are exactly alike, any more than no two people are exactly alike. It can be seen as a visual blessing or a haunting curse, but always contemplative.


When it comes to works of art, you are personally in charge of what it means to you. Others can give you their interpretations, but ultimately you make the decision to invite those impressions into your own thoughts, as bewitching as they may be.


"There was an overwhelming feeling of unreality when I stared into the gumbo of colorful brushstrokes that I found truly bewitching." Rod Jones Artist 

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