Facing Your Inner Firebrand on Creativity

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Facing Your Inner Firebrand on Creativity: At one time or another, we all stand before a maze. It can be a confusing, intricate network of passages. Confusingly elaborate to our awoken thoughts. It's dressed up in what I like to call "discombobulated bamboozlement."

You and I are often attacked by hidden unwelcome rogue thoughts strategically hidden in the perplexing maze of our minds. We may not always consciously recognize how those thoughts can create havoc and uncertainty in us all. Hidden as they may be, they managed to show up in our personal life and in our work life.

"If only I could, if only I could." Mr. and Mrs. Creativeness would often share their imaginativeness when they epitomized their creative thoughts with each other over a cup of oolong tea. Each exposes their ideas on creative inspirations during a cup of tea chat, which almost always leads to Mr. and Mrs. C. pondering where their creative ideas originated from. Mrs. C. spoke wisely, "I believe our creative ideas come from some unseen universal force." Mr. C. responded, "I believe we are all living in some sort of creative maze, where we spend countless hours moving in and out of passageways that go nowhere. I don't know about creative thinking, but mine is always in flux."

Mr. and Mrs. Creativeness would speak to the issue of creativity endlessly, where it comes from, and especially why it always shows up when they least expected it. They both came to the conclusion that their inner firebrand was locked in by a never-ending maze. Mr. and Mrs. C. found comfort in coming to this conclusion in the realized that sometimes they needed to stop thinking about it and just let it flow in a natural and intended way.

"After every creative challenge, only the pure innocence of clear thinking made for peace of mind, happiness, and soulful success." Rod Jones Artist-writer 

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