Fighting the Strawmen in Your Life

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Fighting Strawmen in Your Life - Rod Jones Artist  

Fighting the Strawmen in Your Life: You may not know exactly what Strawmen are, but I can almost guarantee you that you have one or most likely you have many, maybe more than your share in life. Chances are you're asking yourself right now, what are my Strawmen? They most typically are thoughts and ideas you tell yourself that are not true. When you have an argument with yourself and your mind chooses sides which creates a feeling of anxiety and stress. Strawmen are very much present to muck things up.


When you think of Strawmen in your life, you'll discover you are having thoughts that betray logic. Muddling your brain and robbing you of quality thinking. These Strawman are a diversionary tactics we all use to keep from facing tasks that are at hand, or dealing with problems.


Think about what you think about all day long. Much of your thinking is related to what you are actually doing, like working or preparing a meal. But even in those times your mind will drift, your thoughts will be frivolous, unproductive and quite frankly can make a perfect day into a wretched one. If you're actually worrying about something you're generally trying to come up with solutions to fix the problem, and that is a good thing, but when the Strawman enters your thinking, all the sudden your thoughts are mismatched, annoying, and in some cases become almost debilitating. Your mind enters into a brain fog.


Fighting the Strawmen in your life is not all that easy, but the first step is to think about what you're actually thinking, which we all very rarely do. If you allow yourself to lose focus by thinking unrelated rambling thoughts, you will be completely out of sync and extremely unproductive, making you a host for Strawmen.


Strawmen come in all sizes inside your mind, but they invariably come with worry. Little worries, almost insignificant that pass quickly, onto major worries that can create debilitating anxiety. Learn to identify them as nothing more than Strawman trying to make your life miserable. Believe it or not, when you know it's a Strawman that's messing with you. Tell them to get out and leave you alone! Another thing you can do is to reframe your thinking into positive outcomes. For every negative episode in life there almost always is a hidden blessing. Sometimes it takes time for these blessings to show up. But at least, moment by moment. ‘Fight the Strawmen in Your Life’


"Strawmen tricked me into thinking the worst, then I learned they were nothing more than an illusion, created by an unchecked imagination." Rod Jones artist.

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