How I Forgot to be Thankful Every Day

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How I Forgot to be Thankful Every Day: I cannot tell you when it all started, but there were obvious hints developing all around me that I should have paid attention to.


More than a month had passed, and the days and weeks were never memorialized in any calendar or agenda; yet all those hours were filled with wonderfully good happenings blended with some not-so-good ones. Personal achievements and celebrations made for remarkable days. The dizzying effect left me happy and excited for the feelings of accomplishment that seem to be present in every thought, idea, or action that surrounded me.


All was remarkably good, until I had a soul-felt actualization. When I say soul felt, I mean it was as if all that good needed some validation or justification. To be honest I experienced almost a letdown, the kind you feel when you have those undeserving feelings that you may not of deserved all those blessings. I meditated on the entire goodness that seemed to find me. I looked for validation.


My first thoughts were to tell myself, "thank goodness." But then the word thank turned into thankfulness. I looked back on all the blessings that came my way. I think that more often than not I took them for granted in a most self serving and deserving way. I knew something was desperately missing; the gratification became hollow. There was something missing, and in every practical sense, something that I cherished about myself was my ability to send up prayers of deeply felt acknowledgment of all the blessings that I have been given throughout my life. Being deeply humbled by this experience, I realized that we are not really in control of our lives; certainly not as much as we would like to think. Saying a prayer of thanks is simple to do. And in my case, it was downright needed.


"I prayerfully intertwined my fingers and looked to the heavens, and maybe an oath to be thankful every day." Rod Jones Artist

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