How to Creatively Un-Hate Your Job

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How To Creatively Un-Hate Your Job: Is it possible to avoid the dread? Easier for some not so easy for others. Why do you have a job in the first place? Take this question seriously and write down all the reasons you have a job. Then write down all the reasons you have this particular job. Much will be revealed to you when you go through this eye opening exercise. When you do, you'll be surprised. Set it aside and come back to it a week later and reread it. You will most likely want to make some adjustments, which will make it even more revealing.

After you've completed the exercise, what if you discover that you truly hate your job. Well it would be easy for me to say, quit and move on! But more often than not, that's not always practical or easy. Most every job puts you in contact with other people, whether they be fellow employees or people you engage with on the telephone. Those cohorts that you work with can be wonderful to interact with day to day. Then of course there's always going to be someone that gets on your nerves. One or more of those individual could drive you to the point where you want to quit.

Let's talk about those individuals that are put in charge of you. Unfortunately, in many cases, they have their own issues. They act like demigods, with the notion of power, wielded freely and unjustly just because it makes them feel good. The number one complaint people have about their jobs is working for a boss or manager that really should not hold the position. It's difficult to cope with their incompetence. It makes you wonder how they landed the position in the first place.

So how do you overcome or at least make your job more tolerable? First you must determine if are you the one with the bad attitude that constantly brings on the turmoil. If you generally feel like you are a positive influence on your work environment and on those you work with, and you still aren't content then here are a few strategies to improve the tolerability of just about any job.

Number one. This should go without me having to make the suggestion, but it's extremely important that you start your day out with a nutritious breakfast. Don't watch the news or expose yourself to any negativity in the morning. Make sure you get a good night sleep and give yourself plenty of time to get to your job so you're not stressed out and worrying about being late.

Number two. Look in a mirror and look at your expression when you think about your job. If you become anxious and upset, guess what? You will not look very happy and the people you work with will invariably ask you, “Are you in a bad mood?” People naturally gravitate to people that are happy. Even if you have to fake it, do it… you'll be surprised how much impact it will have on your attitude, and the attitude of those around you.

Number three. Become acutely aware of your working environment. Look for all that is pleasant and organized. If you're the one who is always creating a mess then you need to clean up your act. Our minds love things to be in a logical order and not a jumbled mess. In almost every work environment you can find order, you have to look hard to find it in some cases, but is there. When you think about the tools that you use whether they be computers or hand tools, there something amazingly magical by the power held within them when guided by a skillful mind or skillful hands.

Number four. This idea goes back to the beginning of time. The thoughts you hold in your mind whether they be positive or negative will invariably bring you to what you think about and put forth. Attitude in life, especially a positive and helpful one, is not only good for you, but is good for all of those you come in contact with. If you have a bad attitude and you are thinking negatively all day long, the outcome will only create unhappiness and discontent no matter how wonderful of a job or position you hold.

Number five. It used to be when people landed a job they could end up spending their whole career with that one company or in that position. In today's working environment that no longer exists. Jobs come and go. And we are not always happy when we lose one. It creates a tremendous amount of insecurity, stress, and anxiety. The key is to be flexible with your skills. Make them adaptable to new opportunities. Even if you have the best job in the world you should always have a resume handy. Always keep it up-to-date and adaptable. Your CV is like an insurance policy that's always available when you need it. It also helps you to understand your value in any working environment.

Number six. And finally, you may love your job or you may hate your job, but understand that life is all about change and adaptability. Think about this for a moment, you have been evolving through learning and growing, and of course maturing along the way. That's why you have a job. When all is said and done, you are always on a journey through life. There will be ups and downs, both personally and in your career. Grow in a positive and healthy direction. Be helpful and loving to others. Understand the value of the word forgiveness. That word comes in mighty handy when you've been mistreated or thought ill of. Nobody's perfect and neither are we. Do your best to keep that smile on your face. Look for the good in every situation, and it will show up more often than not. Good luck in life and in all of the wonderful things you have to share and do.

"The seeds of positive growth and maturity I planted in my mind are forever blossoming into all that I hoped to be." Rod Jones Artist-Writer


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