Hurried and Flurried and Frustrated and Excited?

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Hurried and Flurried and Frustrated and Excited?: What about you? No need to guess here. If you're present with any reasonable amount of rational thinking, you will no doubt uncomfortably fit into one or more of those questions.

Our cluttered minds: Live as we must in our heads all the time, even when we sleep, thoughts rule. Look for an escape? Well if you think about it you really don't want one. Everything we are and everything we will ever be starts the thoughts in our minds. Our thoughts can get a little jumbled sometimes, and rob you of your inner and outer peace and happiness. What can you do? Well here are some ideas.

Number one. Hurried thoughts… The ones you have that can make you compulsive. You will find very little rest when you're always in a state of hurry. Hurry up and do this, hurry up and do that. Give yourself a mental break, by taking some deep breaths and look off into the distance. It will calm you down, you may have to do this repeatedly but it does work.

Number two. A flurried mind is a troubled mind. Makes us all agitated and in some cases mean. Demons love it when we fall into this kind of thinking. Breaking this cycle of thinking can be challenging. Here's the key, when you recognize your thoughts are destructive to yourself and possibly to those around you; STOP! A re-adjustment is needed. For every negative thought replace it with a positive one. It takes time, but when you become accustomed to doing this, you will be surprised how much it will settle your mind and make you feel much better.

Number three. Frustrated and excited, it doesn't seem like these two should go together but they do. Frustrations make us nervous, and nervousness gets us excited in the most uncomfortable way. These feelings are mostly associated with the fight or flight mechanism that's built into every one. It does serve a purpose and keeps you safe. But in today's modern world, it can be difficult to burn off that energy. The simplest way is to walk. Or any other physical exercise that will burn off that uncontrollable frustrated and excited energy. Move your body, move your muscles, and you will settle down and become calm and in control of your emotions.

Happiness is a state of mind that we all have been gifted with. Often life serves up challenges that rob us of a peaceful mind. Once you understand the trigger points, you can learn to push that thinking aside. And you will be in a much better position to deal.

I learned the average person has 6,200 thoughts a day. Unfortunately, too many of them are hurried and flurried and frustrated and excited. 

“I look forward to the day that I’m not looking backward in my mind, and that’s when an exciting future begins.” Rod Jones Artist-Writer 

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