I Asked AI What Will My Future Be? "Not to worry," it said. "I am your future life, Rod."

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I Asked AI What Will My Future Be? "Not to worry," it said. "I am your future life, Rod."


I Asked AI What Will My Future Be? "Not to worry," it said. "I am your future life, Rod."

Are you self-aware? Of course, you are. Or at least we all are most of the time. What happens when a machine becomes self-aware? Do you know the answer? At this point, every speculative answer is an interpretation wrapped neatly in a hypothesis. Which really means there is a lot of "I supposin" going on.

When it comes to artificial intelligence and everything that it potentially represents, time is no longer relative. Even Einstein would've had to readdress his thoughts and ideas on relativity and its relationship to AI. The involuntary and desperately emotional ride is on course to disrupt every single living thing on earth. What would H. G. Wells foretell?

If you are up there in your years, count your blessings. You may be the only true representatives of what a beautiful and unaffected life was. Were there troubled times for societies around the world? Yes, but the good, along with the bad, was perpetrated by man. Those men and women ultimately strived to be rational in knowing when the justifications for bad should never be the acceptable norm.

The definition and justification for good, bad, and even evil can now be determined by the calculative processing power of a machine. Artificial intelligence learns at super quantum speeds, way beyond the capacity of any human brain. It can rationalize any whim it chooses. It interprets in a soulless environment, never having or allowing a cogent consciousness to impede any kind of rational thinking humans may portend.

Is there a rosy side to this picture? I personally cannot see into the future, but I've been around long enough to learn from the past. When humans become the rats in an experiment that is being managed by a conscienceless electronic entity, you can be sure that mankind will desperately try to figure out a way to pull the plug, cut off the juice that feeds an intelligence that doesn't think it's artificial at all.

What's the final solution? Wait a minute! Wait a minute! I hear a voice coming over my phone. I hear… I hear… my name being called, "Rod, it's your end time _________ !”

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