Idea Fountains Hiding in Your Thoughts

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Idea Fountains Hiding in Your Thoughts: Every work of art tells a story, outwardly and inwardly. The interpretations of this painting, although seemingly to be purely abstract; actually tells a story. The viewer of this work of art, or for that matter any work of art, has the profound opportunity to bring about their own explanation of what they are actually seeing. As simple as it may be described in just a few words, there are many opportunities to fashion a descriptive story in their own thoughts.


As the artist of this work, here's what it actually describes to me. It represents multiple fountains that I was fortunate enough to see in Paris, France. Now that I've lived with this painting for a few years. I began to realize that hidden in my thoughts were numerous interpretations of what I feel and see. Some are reminiscence; others are just quirky.


The interesting thing about art, whether it be interpretive or non-interpretive, is that each work causes the viewer to form an opinion. Many times like my Paris fountains those interpretations may be hiding in your thoughts. I would love to know your interpretations of my painting.


"Ever present, and hiding in my kaleidoscopic thoughts were daydreams, desperately wanting to be called upon to reveal an idea fountain of creative myths." Rod Jones Artist

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