In an Ocean of Personal Brands, Where Are You?

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In an Ocean of Personal Brands, Where Are You?: Did you know there is a world record for the most hand claps in one minute? A nine-year-old managed more than a thousand claps in one minute to break the record. How many claps would you give your brand?


Everyone likes to be recognized for their achievements. A bunch of claps on social media gives us a momentary dopamine release. But what does that really say about your brand?


What is a personal brand? A personal brand is your image, your reputation, and it's all about the perception you create about yourself for the world to see. We all have unique qualities, skills, values, and especially experiences in life. Rather we acknowledge it or not, this is how we present ourselves to the world, both online and offline. It's all about making yourself stand out, so you don't look and act like everyone else. You can share your expertise and build trust and credibility with those you want to communicate with.


Why would you care about having a personal brand? Just imagine, if you have a strong personal brand, it can create new opportunities for you. Maybe in your personal life's goals, career, or social standing. Here is the big one to consider it can help you establish meaningful relationships with others. Maybe it will give you a sense of personal fulfillment and purpose. When it comes down to it, your personal brand is all about communicating who you are and what value you can offer others.


A strong personal brand is not about winning a popularity contest. It truly is a way for you to grow. It affords you the opportunity to be known and get to know others, especially those that share your values. In your personal life or in your business life, you're always learning and growing. We teach and help others, and others teach and help us. But in order for any of this to happen, you have to create the relationship, and a personal brand makes that happen.


Don't let anyone tell you to give up on developing your personal brand. It's actually quite fun to work on. You will discover more about yourself, what's important to you, and how you ultimately want to be seen and known by others. To be seen favorably, you need to be the kind of person that people respect and admire. It's important to be genuine and not phony. People can recognize those who are "full of themselves."


Be the real you. We all have a tendency to sometimes brag about ourselves to others, socially or on social media. A tiny bit of exaggeration adds interest to our stories. But never should you lie about having accomplishments that are not true. Ultimately that will catch up with you, and your brand will take a nosedive. We all have things about our personalities and accomplishments that we can be very proud of, and it is certainly okay to share those. After all, you earned the right because you legitimately had those experiences.

If you would like help in building your personal or business brand, let us know. 

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