Is Being Clever All That?

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Is Being Clever All That? Being genuinely clever requires an innovative imagination. One that seems to benefit greatly from a brainy ego. Spontaneity rules. Who amongst us has not been enamored by some people's ability to be clever in an almost showy way? But yet subtle enough to make us all notice without their clever act or comment appearing to be arrogant.

Cleverish by design. All forms of creativity whether it be thoughts or actual inventions require an audience to appreciate the originality. Take a look around you. Most likely you are surrounded by some pretty cool stuff. Over time this shiny new stuff starts to become common in our thoughts, it certainly can become mundane in its daily use.

Is being clever all that? Absolutely without a doubt. Cleverness wins every race In life. Solutions to every problem require imaginative and in many cases ingenious thinking. When you prepare your mind to achieve your goals and ambitions you are cleverly laying the groundwork for happiness and success.

Is being clever manipulative? It certainly can be, and often is used to manipulate others. We all have heard it said, "he or she thinks they're so damn clever." When cleverness is used in a manipulative way it invariably exposes itself.

Clever thinking or thinking cleverly in the right mind, is the path to inventively solving humanity's problems. We've all said to ourselves and others, "That was a very clever way to solve that perplexing problem." Next time you face a dilemmatic challenge, set your thinking on clever ways to solve it. Our imaginations when given the chance will serve up some pretty amazing and clever solutions.

“From his perch, the wily sage looked at the crowd-filled path below. Wondering to himself, Who will be the most clever amongst them to enlighten me? It became a very very long day indeed."  Rod Jones Artist-Writer 

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