Is It The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…Yes? No

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Is It The Most Wonderful Time of The Year…Yes? No? Maybe? Could be all three. Expectations are what makes something wonderful or not. We receive joy when we give joy to others. It doesn't have to be all wrapped up in festive paper and colorful bows. The gift-giving season more often than not, is driven by guilt and advertising. Showing others love and understanding is not always appreciated, but perhaps that is truly what this time of the year was meant to be.


Loneliness: sad from being alone. Unfortunately, some people find themselves in the middle of a festive celebration only to discover that inside they feel lonesome, unrecognized, and under-appreciated. While others, in that same festive celebration, are filled with expectations of wonderful things that are coming their way.


There is nothing magical that happens external to our own thoughts when it comes to the rhythmical mantra of it being "the most wonderful time of the year." It's a process of inner contemplation. We are all overly devoted to what we think about when it comes to what makes us happily content inside. Like expectations, it's a choice. Choose to be happy even in the most unsympathetic of circumstances, and something magical happens. It becomes "the most wonderful time of the year." Every day of your life should be a celebration of expecting the best of yourself and of those you come in contact with.


Expectations: you get what you give so generously, from your heart and from your compassion. More often than not, it's an inner celebration, and it's the true path to feeling good about yourself. Interestingly enough, you will discover that those around you pick up on this blessed energy. So be extra generous to your inner feelings. It's surprisingly irresistible to all those around you or those you come in contact with.


"I saw myself as others saw me. It was revealing to know that when I was happy, it made others feel happy. When I was sad, it made others walk away. It was a lesson I embraced. I discovered I could change my world and that of those around me with nothing more than a simple smile of understanding." Rod Jones Artist  

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