Legit Thinking is not Second-Guessing Your Profound Observations

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Legit Thinking is not Second-Guessing Your Profound Observations: In the classic movie Gone With the Wind. The principal character, Scarlett O'Hara, repeated her now-famous quote, “ I’ll think about it tomorrow.“ I've always thought of that comment as being a profound and legitimate thought. In our lives, we often spend way too much time worrying. Stressing us out! And ultimately robbing us of feeling happy and content within our own mind and soul. Instead of creating anxiety with compulsive, repetitive, obsessive thinking, and of course, racing thoughts. Wouldn't it be wonderful to stop all that mental draining madness? And simply say to ourselves, like Scarlett, "I'll will worry about it tomorrow."

Regrettably, the time we waste entertaining obsessive thinking, worrying, and anxiety that's all wrapped up in that stressful package, invariably robs us of our ability to visually and mentally embrace the profound observations in our lives that move us toward our destiny. Self-talk, surprisingly, can present itself in the unconscious mind. Sooner or later, it manages to percolate its way into our everyday thinking. The negative stuff thinks it's amusing, delighting itself, without us knowing it, a distractive imposition on where our most creative and original thoughts can surface. So begins the second-guessing game.

Second-guessing makes us question ourselves and often makes us critical of our perceptions when it comes to the creative decisions we make and how we perceive the future. The key is to outmaneuver and outsmart the compulsiveness that invariably stands in the way of developing thoughtful, profound observations that move us forward in a healthy, positive way. Making our lives abundantly more fun and more creative.

What does this all mean? It means that we often allow our brains to rob us from legitimate thinking. The kind of thinking that ensures we benefit from our profound observations. Clearing out the clutter and, more often than not, the self-sabotaging thoughts that are driven by insecurities and devilish demons that find the perfect host. Stop being the entertainer. Clear out the negative thinking. Sit on a rock, and overlook the still waters. Become an observer that welcomes profound observations that enlighten the soul and bring joy to your life.

"My gaze felt like it was never ending until I reversed course, focusing my mind on innermost profound observations, leading me to a sanctuary of self-discovery and peace." Rod Jones Artist.

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