Living Your Joy Leads to Determination

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Living Your Joy Leads to Determination: You won't give up, as so many do. I can actually give you the key to success. And I would not have to write a book, or a long researched paper, or give a Ted talk. The key to success is both simple and yet it can be hard to embrace. The definition of joy is "the emotion evoked by well-being, success, or good fortune or by the prospect of possessing what one desires." The interesting word in this definition is emotion, coupled with “evoked by well-being.” Ever wonder why people who seem to have an overabundance of joy in everything they do, seem to attract a natural sense of well-being and contentment? The answer is simple, and it can be the key to success for all of us.

Most everyone has a secret desire to do something rewarding with their lives. All too often, they never follow their dream. If they would just pay attention to that still small voice within their heart and understand its blessedness, their lives would change measurably and for the good. Super successful people invariably all have one thing in common: let's make that two things in common. Number one: "they do the work." What that means is they actually make every available minute they can, directed toward their goal. And that requires dedication and work. I might add that type of work brings joy because you are doing what you're supposed to be doing with your life. Number two: "they pursue." When they run into a challenge or an obstacle that seems to be insurmountable in their mission to achieve their goal, they stop and take a big breath. Remembering; that unseen forces will come to their aid because they are doing what they know is right for them.

So what can go wrong? There is something that will directly impact your ability to succeed. If you, like so many, pursue opportunities that are really not right for you, and you think you'll get rich quickly by doing them, you are going against the principle of what will make you filled with joy. You will be one of the millions who say to themselves and others, "I tried, and it never worked out for me."

Living your joy leads to determination. Determination makes the process easier. You attract all of the resources you need to make your goal a reality. Some people call it luck, others refer to it as divine providence, and of course, some people just say he or she got all the breaks. Well, whatever it is, you were born with an ambition that needs to be nurtured and fulfilled. If you neglect that heartfelt desire, you will discover that true happiness never shows up in your presence. Do the work! Pursue your dream! Everything else will fall into place.

"I listened to myself, and greatly to my surprise, my wishes turned into joy." Rod Jones Artist 

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