Never Let Worry Push You Down or Hold You Under

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Thought Row on Anxiety


Never Let Worry Push You Down or Hold You Under: "Resting my elbows on the table and holding my face in my hands; abruptly looking up and staring out the window; hoping and praying that my feelings of anxiety would calm themselves down." Do these words connect with you? In this day and age, you're definitely not alone.


Worry invariably manifests itself into anxiety, stress, and an overall feeling of being down. Creative people, and almost everyone else, are no strangers to having these feelings. There always seems to be a high followed by a low, and then our self-talk goes up again. The mind roller coasters its way through a thousand thoughts a minute and is not always a fun and enjoyable ride.


It is easy to say and write: "never let worry push you down or hold you under." I personally have always searched for a solution to deal with this for myself and others. If you spend any time on social media, and I'm sure you do. You will be literally smothered by people sharing how incredibly wonderful their lives are. There's a good chance that they may also try to sell you something to go along with this euphoria. Which is okay. We all have to survive. But how does it make you feel? Happy? Jealous? Envious? Excited for them?


I know if you have been reading this so far, you're hoping that I will share the ultimate and profound solution to the worry/anxiety dilemma. Well, here it is, and it's not terribly profound. Everything negative you say or do imprints itself onto your mind, cluttering your thinking. The best strategy I have found is to celebrate everything you do on a daily basis that made you happy, excited and fulfilled. By doing this, you're basically pushing out thoughts and ideas that lead to worry and hold you down. It takes practice.


Throughout time many philosophers and sages have of all said, "you become what you think about all day long." Makes sense when you think about it.

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