No, You Can’t Make Money On Social Media Anymore

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No, You Can’t Make Money On Social Media Anymore: Unless you do what I just did. I started this article with a title that is often referred to as clickbait. If you've read this far, then my title worked. Keeping you interested enough to read on is a bit more challenging. Now what I just did was create some curiosity by that last few words. Are you curious enough to read on?

If you've entered this paragraph by reading on, then I know my whole first paragraph did its job. Now comes the hard part in writing. I need to show or write more to keep you intrigued enough to continue reading and hopefully, you will benefit from the words I put forth.

Much of today's writing, especially nonfiction is predicated on the philosophy of playing follow the follower. Help someone achieve something that is important to them, and by doing so you will gain followers. A good measure of followers is monetizable, meaning you can rake in the dough if you have enough. The biggest clickbait title always tells you how you can make a lot of money on social media. And the promulgators generally have proof that they did it themselves. But if you dig deeper it's not what it always appears to be. And the biggest joke of all is that in order to achieve success you really have to put in the work. Some of them are honest enough to tell you that. Most people don't want to hear that it takes a lot of hard work, tons of it.

Can you make money on social media? Or better yet build a business on the Internet? The answer is yes, maybe. You will need to set yourself apart from the herd and that's going to require originality wrapped in a clever marketable strategy. Along with that, plan on it taking several years there's no quick way to get there unless you choose an unethical route. Work, work, and more work, plus the resolve to study and learn as much as you can through the process.

Who needs an audience? Maybe you just want people to think you are really cool. That in itself is fairly easy to achieve. But if you want to make money online you must create a value proposition. Which means you have to give a lot to receive in return. It's not so hard really. It's the law of success and always has been. In our world today, instant gratification seems to be a normal way of thinking. But success only comes to those who learn, and share their thoughts and ideas to help others learn, grow and achieve.

People will tell you that the competition online is fierce but the reality is it's mostly fierce to those that do not have the tenacity to try. You can make it happen if… How would you complete this sentence? The next paragraph can shed some light on the whole topic of making money on social media, and it's not all about using AI.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Successful people know how to capitalize on both. Consider your age and where you are today. You have a history of experiences in life. It is your unique history no one else has lived the same as you. There may be certain themes of living that others have experienced but not from your unique perspective. To be successful in anything starts with having a thorough understanding of yourself. Who Are You? Do you really know? Evaluating your unique providence is the most practical way of determining what you are all about.

What are you all about? In a journey of self-discovery, you will blossom. When you figure what you are really about, then you will be able to craft a helping mindset. When you understand all of your needs you’ll then discover they’re not all that different than the needs of others; you will then be able to make money on social media by providing a service that helps others achieve their goals and happiness. Everyone needs a helping hand and clarity. If you have clarity of purpose then you can share your knowledge that will benefit others. Good luck with it and please let me know how you move forward.

"Life is one giant amusement park. Just off the midway is the unavoidable haunted house. Unfortunately in order to get to the most fun ride in the park you'll have to spend time in those scary and stressful haunted rooms, filled with ghosts and dreadful demons." Rod Jones Artist-Writer

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