Outward Beauty Inward Character

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Outward Beauty Inward Character: The alluring encounter by chance that profoundly changes everything. Fate, coincidence, or divine providence? Does beauty define everything? Will character distinguish itself above beauty?

Joining the journey: The pulse of life is the chemistry that bonds us humans together. Attractive qualities boost acceptance, and we are all in possession of many of these characteristics. Some of these character traits are downright charming.

Like attracts like, making sure the like you attract is the like you want, it's how we grow and become disarming and lovable.

Visual beauty is fleeting. Enduring character gives pleasure to the senses both within and without. A congenial personality is a blessing that grows affectionately and builds up and intensifies happiness. That state of well-being is good for everyone. 

Love energy and love thoughts: Harmonious thoughts will attract the right people toward you. You may be surprised at how much beauty you're literally surrounded by. Yes, I know not everything is beautiful all the time. But if your inward character projects an outward beauty, you’re doing your part to make the world a better place. And specifically making those you come in contact with feel good about themselves. 

Many years ago, I saw a sign in an antique store. The owner was a very dear friend of mine named Kirk. He had a wonderful sign on the wall that everyone could see when they entered his shop the sign read. “I like you because I like me when I'm with you.” Always try to be the person who makes people like themselves when they are with you. Then you will be that person who shines with outward beauty and inward character.

“Words are thoughts that contain invisible power. They make inward beauty bright and graceful.” Rod Jones Artist-Writer

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