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Quietude: The awoken dream. Aroused by thought. Life in a day. Where do you and I go from here we ask? Ambiguous as it may sound. You and I set the stage with our recurring thoughts. They're like an internal life chaperone.

Meditation and contemplation, are the words we all associate with tedious effort. If we practice either one of those in good faith or with sincerity, there is a definite ROTI (return on time investment.) It can become downright life-changing.

We should never discount our daily thoughts. At the end of each day, and just before I drift off into sleep, I try my best to recount the principal thoughts that passed through my mind during the course of the day. Of course, I can become quite lazy and not do it. But when I do, there are some interesting things that occur in my head when I wake up the following morning. Give it a try and see what you discover.

You probably would like to know what I hit upon. First off, I was startled to discover that many of my daily thoughts were not all that productive or for that matter particularly positive. The well-treated statement that ‘you become what you think about all day long,’ all of a sudden, had a deeper meaning.

Assessment and remedy: For me, the solution was not all that complicated. I moved my thoughts into a space that I once allowed them to dwell in. Quietude. Yes, I simply took some time during the day to turn off all outside interference that was hobbling my spirit of serenity. A little bit of peacefulness every few hours of every day brings changes to your thought structure. Usher out all forms of media, and that especially includes social media while you embrace quietude. Your daily thoughts will take on the aura of peacefulness. And when all is said and done, you will even get a better night's sleep. 

“The sweet sereneness and tranquility of the time spent in quietude provided a calming lull. It was a refreshing intermission from the cares of life.” Rod Jones Artist-Writer

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