Raise Your Hand if You’re Glad the Holidays Are Over, So You can Get Back to Doing What You Love

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Raise Your Hand if You’re Glad the Holidays Are Over, So You can Get Back to Doing What You Love: We all know that any kind of time off from work is welcomed, especially if you work for a manager or boss that is not to your liking. Getting away from that environment helps you maintain some semblance of sanity.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there that are happy when the holidays come to an end. These are the people that absolutely love what they're doing. Of course, they do have a sense of guilt when they're sitting around the table with relatives from out of town, and all they're thinking about is what they want to do when they get back to work. You have to pity the family or relatives that have to listen politely to them go on and on about their work. You just know, in the back of their minds, they wish they would shut up and not talk so much about their careers and business lives.

Then; there are a lot of us that like what we do so much that we are all in! Always thinking, always strategizing, and in many cases, just feeling happy and joyful inside no matter what the holiday, or if there are no holidays happening. You may think of these people as the proverbial "workaholic." Compulsive? Yes… maybe. Isn't it fun to know that there are people out there that love what they're doing so much that even time escapes their reality?

Holidays and moral values: there are holidays that were meant to make us more spiritually aware. Unfortunately, nearly every holiday has turned into a commercial event, which is gauged by the success of financial profit. The prophets of long ago would be heartbroken to see what goes on during the days we should be reflecting on our own spiritual values, helping others, and being thankful for what we have.

Take a glance back over your life. How much time have you truly wasted watching television, sitting in front of the computer, scrolling endlessly on your mobile phone, and mining kudos on social media? Most of us would be afraid even to calculate the value of all of that wasted time. For those that love what they do so intently, the reward is in the doing.

"For me, I find comfort in knowing that there is no season, holiday, vacation, or retirement plan, that can take precedence over doing what I truly love." Rod Jones Artist 

And for the skeptics, "yes, I know it's important to recharge our emotional batteries from time to time."

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