Stupid Statements Put Forth About Creativity

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Stupid Statements Put Forth About Creativity: You’re creative and you know it. You also know it can be hard and difficult. What you hear others say, and what you say to yourself robs you of what I like to call "Thought Power." It's the power to think independently of clichés. My two favorites are, "writer's block," and "starving artist." There's a whole bunch more to choose from. Perhaps you have favorites that you use when referring to your own creative self. You may want to give that self-talk, a talking to if it's not elevating your creative self-esteem.

Outside convictions and opinions that plague creative innocence hurt. Unfortunately, they are difficult to avoid. The sad part is we creative people often go outside of our own thinking power and look for them. If I were to give it a definition, it is the excuse not to do what you know you should be doing, and are reluctant to make it happen. A classic example is writer's block. What does that really really mean? In my way of thinking it's called giving yourself permission to not get the work done. Excuses that excuse the writer from sitting down and writing. It's such a convenient thing to say. "Oh I don't feel like writing today because I'm simply suffering from writer's block, no thoughts are coming to me right now." Is tomorrow another day to be creative? Yes, you just gave yourself permission to lose a day.

Every form of creativity is a sabotaging demon that shows up, adamantly telling you, "What's the use?" It's determined to impede your creative practice. In order to be truly creative you need to do it, and you need to do a lot of it. When you feel like it's hard, give yourself some Thought Power. Change your thinking and make it the most creative minute, hour, day, or week, you have ever lived. Deep down inside you, I know, to truly be creatively successful, experimenting and practicing can overcome innate talent every time.

"Only we as humans can put forth the hidden magnificence found in the writer's pen or the artist's brush." Rod Jones Artist-Writer 

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