The Art Of Thought Engagement

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The Art Of Thought Engagement: Speaking from your mind, we all do it so incredibly well. Well, maybe not so well. Sometimes we blather on and on without any real cognitive thinking happening. To see and say in a meaningful way may be as simple as learning to listen more and conjecturing less. If you ask someone for an opinion, you going to get it, and it may be more than you bargained for. Shared opinions have a life of their own. Contrary opinions can test even the most saintly person’s patients.

All living souls think some people are more adept at it than others. Which kinda makes life interesting. If everybody agreed with everybody all the time, "boring!" A well-substantiated point of view can sway the thoughts of millions, and throughout the history of man, it is happened repeatedly. Sometimes bringing on encouragement and beauty. Unfortunately other times persuasion has led to disastrous outcomes especially by people that had evil agendas. I like to think that wholesome thoughts are divinely inspired. Perhaps it's the true essence of the best humanity can achieve and share. Elevating others to live a positive and flourishing life.

The power of thoughts. Some people claim they can look up at a cloud in the sky and make it move and even change direction. If you ask them how can you do this? The answer you most often will hear is, "I just think it in a focused way and it happens." It's hard to say if there's any actual truth going on here, we all know that clouds are always moving. Can you think one to move by guiding it with your thoughts? Perhaps you can give it try and let us all know how you do.

The Art of Thought Engagement is what? In my estimation it's a way of communications that doesn't always rely on brilliant epiphanies. Our thoughts can be simple but yet brilliantly eloquent. When shared with like minds, thoughts can move the proverbial mountain. Historically the great thinkers all had one thing in common. They knew how to convey their thoughts into a prophetic style of communication that could elevate the most literate to those that are less equipped, when it came to grasping life-changing and life elevating thoughts and ideas.

None of us can give birth to ideas that have value without doing some serious and insightful thinking. After that valuable thought becomes meaningful within. It then becomes time to enter into the thought engagement phase where we allow our spoken thoughts to join forces with other thinkers. It's a beautiful thing to participate in and it definitely is a joy to listen to that form of engagement. If you've done it before you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't explored the possibilities of what your mind is capable of thinking, you will be surprised to discover it is the divinely inspired birthplace of originality and creativity.

" I never gave much thought to my repetitive thinking. Then a divinely inspired creative thought showed up in me. It was exciting. It was an indulgence I never knew."  Rod Jones Artise-Writer 

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  • Excellent thoughts I do jabber a lot. 😉

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