The Best Day of Your Life

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The Best Day of Your Life

When? Where? Who were you that day? Who are you now? Do you really want to know? Here's a thought. You may just want to revisit that particular day. Ask yourself was it a happy-go-lucky one? Not a single nemesis in, on, or around you. Could you have celebrated that day on your own? Here's another thought.

A celebratory day can be every day. It's when you give yourself complete and unashamed freedom to be happy. Fashion your tone and manner inside and out. Make your daily style to always be The Best Day of Your Life.

The big HOW in the room is how do you do that? I wish it were as easy as telling you and everyone else, just to be positive. Be positive! Is a two-word sentence that can mean much in the right frame of mind. Getting yourself in the right frame of mind to be positive, can be a mental gymnastic chore. Where is the key, you ask?

Self-awareness and perception. The one, and only person you know that can define the best day of your life is you. Make it so by replacing every negative and unhappy thought with a positive one. It's better than a fair trade, because ultimately when the positive thoughts rule over the negative thoughts, you will see that you have more best days than crummy ones. Do it every hour and you will soon celebrate your own Hour of Power. Every day can become The Best Day of Your Life.

"I knew when I woke up, that my day was going to be one of those best days. All I had to do was rejoice in it and be glad in it." Rod Jones Artist-Artist

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