The Hidden Truth Inside Your Head

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The Hidden Truth Inside Your Head: You own it, I mean you really own it! You own that thought generator. It has given birth to every thought and idea you consistently recycle inside of your head. Sure, some of those thoughts and ideas are deeply buried and rarely surface. But others, well, they hang around consistently. Some are loaded with motivating energy. Others are nagging, bringing on reoccurring worry and anxiety.

What is a thinking brain supposed to do all day long? And for that matter when we sleep? One thing is for sure it manages all of our organs right down to every little cell in our body. Thank your brain every day, It's keeping you alive.

We have all heard the importance of staying healthy. Eat right, lose weight, don't smoke, and exercise regularly. All good things to make your body strong and healthy and for sure your longevity. When you do all these things and more you're giving your brain a helping hand. Unfortunately, a healthy body although it helps doesn't guarantee a healthy brain.

The hidden truth. We all control our thoughts much more than we realize. Our brains get fed all kinds of info from our five senses: vision, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. We don't always realize how much input we are receiving virtually every second. Our brains convert all of that sensory information into thoughts. More often than not it can be overwhelmingly stressful. We may not realize but we all have a shut-off switch.

Finding the shut-off switch in our brains can be elusive. After all, most of us never knew we actually had that capability. Where's the switch? The switch is disguised as a thought. One that rarely is used if ever. In its simplest terms, you literally focus out and focus in on a single object. Pick an object and make it a pleasing one. Very small like a pebble or a small rock. You can hold it in your hand and just look at it. You'll discover it will almost become mesmerizing. Concentration is what is needed here. The more you concentrate the harder it is for other thoughts and ideas to take hold. You're literally pushing them away by a concentrated focus on a small inanimate object.

Overwhelmed, racing thoughts, lack of focus? Grab your small rock and focus. It's the switch. It's the hidden truth that we all possess in our heads. By sincerely focusing on that little pebble, the superfluous junkie thoughts that float around in our heads get pushed away. Leaving you with a sense of wholesome peace.

"I believe that little pebble in my hand somehow managed to increase my life span."

Rod Jones Artist-Writer 

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