The Inner Outer Oasis

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The Inner Outer Oasis: Our minds are filled with thoughts, it's self-talk. Everyone at some point needs a safe haven to rest. A sanctuary from the overwhelmingly repetitive vagaries that often drain us of happiness and even our energy.

Unplug: Easy to say, hard to do. Computers think they're so smart, but they are vulnerable to a reboot or if all else fails you can turn them off and unplug. Your brain is way too smart for that trick. Just when you think you've calmed those racing thoughts down, your brain kicks in a whole new set for you to deal with. No amount of mental effort can initiate a mental moratorium.

A Non-Hypnosis Approach: Idleness is not the answer, neither is reactive action. No one can truly talk you down from racing thoughts. You might ask, “Therefore what’s an active brain to do?” The Inner Outer Oasis is just maybe the solution you need.

The Inner Outer Oasis Explanation: When it comes to our thoughts and ideas, no two people's brain thoughts are alike. If you think your real-time soul mate can help, he or she can certainly provide solacement, but they can't get inside your head and help you with unloading self-identifiers.

Self-Identifiers: I know… what the heck is a self-identifier? The short answer is… how you see yourself. Anywhere from your personality traits to your favorite foods hobbies, and family history. It's really all about who you think you are, and how you fit into the world around you. 

Clearing Your Mind: There are a lot of good thoughts and ideas inside your head. But unfortunately, there are some thoughts and ideas that are destructive and betray your happiness. If you can look out into the world and see beauty, you are cultivating the Inner Outer Oasis. It’s a place you can retreat to when everything around you seems overwhelming, and even destructive. Our minds are capable of developing thoughts and ideas that bring a sense of peace. It just may be the oasis you’ve been hoping to discover inside your own head. What are your thoughts?

“Celebrate happiness by the acceptance of good-naturedness in your thoughts. Rod Jones Artist-Writer

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