The Value of Creative Thinking

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The Value of Creative Thinking: "In a most annoying way, a cloud managed to position itself between me and the sun." What could a sentence like this possibly mean? Is it intriguing enough to cause you to think? Or is it just blasé and frivolous? No matter how you interpret that simple sentence, you are drawn in. You want to know exactly what it's bringing forth and what is the story behind it. In a gentle way, it makes you think.

I have always been fascinated by this simple direct sentence; "thoughts are things." All on its own, these three words make you look inward. "What are my thoughts? What am I thinking? Are my thoughts all that profound?" Are they encouraging or self-defeating? These are the questions almost everyone asks themselves when they first see these three seemingly innocent words.

What is so fascinating? Are our thoughts really things? Try and go even a millisecond without passing a thought through your brain, and those are the ones we can clearly define. There are literally millions going on in the background that may or may not surface into a formalized reality in our thinking. Where does creativity fit into all of this?

The value of creative thinking. For the most part, there may be absolutely no way to quantify or gauge its true value. We all give birth to interesting thoughts and ideas. Some are immediately actionable, like deciding what to have for lunch. Others may be deep thinking that can last a lifetime. A good example is the scientists and researchers that are trying to understand the complexity of the universe.

When I, like most people, think of creative thinking, it's usually associated with the arts. As agonizing as it can be sometimes, those creative individuals process thoughts that are usually uncanny and esoteric. Ultimately the results of that form of thinking become some of the most inspirational creations that humans can conceive and achieve.

Where and when do you shift your brain power into thinking creatively? Most of us have creative ideas pop into our heads without warning. They just seem to materialize out of thin air. Some are brilliant. Most are awfully impractical, silly, and nonsensical. The good news is the mere process of thinking about anything, especially creativity, it happens to be the incubator for the most brilliant ideas that have increasingly elevated mankind from his very conception.

Thoughts are things they truly are. They live within us and in many ways, become our reality. Good thoughts bring good things into our lives. Negative thoughts; I don't need to tell you what happens when negative thinking starts to take a commanding role in the stage of your mind. We've all been there, and it ain't cool.

Think about your thoughts. Let the creative ones prevail. You will see a difference in yourself. It may be the healthiest thing you can do. The good news is that it doesn't cost a thing.

"When my random thoughts finally settled down, the clouds that were blocking out the sun melted away, allowing its nurturing light to shine brightly on my creative thinking." 

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  • Well thought out piece Rod about the thought process. My problem has always been filtering out thoughts. Deciding which ones are worth keeping and which ones should be swept away.

    FD Thornton on

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