Thinking Is Not What You Think

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Thinking Is Not What You Think:  I can hear you saying to yourself, “Oh Really, I've been thinking to myself all my life." And yes, that truly is the case. But if you're like me, you have a whole array of thinking thoughts that have been accumulated from a jillion jumbled sources. The abundance of those mostly useless thoughts starts to bunch up, fundamentally robbing you of the capacity of thinking pure creative thoughts. When you spend all of your waking hours contributing to random thinking, it becomes draining, and, not so surprisingly, can have a profound impact on everything from your physical health to your own perceptions of yourself.

Runaway thoughts take up an enormous amount of bandwidth in your brain. Trying to settle your mind and focus can become a real challenge. As you live your life, your mind spends more and more time in flashback city. A place where looking back becomes more dominant than looking forward. It's interesting to me that when I ask friends that I know will give an honest answer, "What are you thinking?" The answers are all too often the same. Anywhere from reminiscing to hosting random unorganized frivolous, and inconsequential thoughts. This non-productive thinking may be one way for the mind to rest. And I can tell you it's not gender specific.

Thinking Is Not What You Think Rod Jones Artist-writer

Thinking Is Not What You Think

What I've learned about in my own thinking and what I've learned from others when it comes to "thinking is not what you think" is this. Concentrating on productive thoughts does not always yield successful outcomes. A surprise to me is that you can have a real epiphany of thinking thoughts that create real value when your brain is actually rambling around with no strategic direction in mind.

The greatest thinkers of all times repeatedly shared that their breakthrough idea came to them when they least expected it, and practically out of nowhere. If you find your mind drifting around aimlessly don't be too hard on yourself. If there's something that you really want to do creatively or something, you want to materialize. A good strategy might be to simply plant the seed in your thoughts; relax, and let it germinate into something astonishingly profound. I have self-witnessed it working for me and I know it will work for you.

"The dilemma I faced in my conscious thinking appeared to be unconquerable, so I put it aside. Shifting my thoughts to here, there, and everywhere, then the solution magically appeared." Rod Jones Artist-Writer 

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