Those Where The Days or It Was One Of Those Days

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Those Where The Days or It Was One Of Those Days: Surrounded by nature was a blessing for me during my most informative years. I could climb way high up into a Ponderosa Pine. From that perch, the 360° view was always exhilarating. The birds speak a different language the higher you go. What happens as trees rise from the ground they are moving ever closer to the heavens.

Nature in all its splendor and dynamics is self-ruling. It's as alive as you or I, perhaps more so. Nature lives on its own terms, but is more than happy to share its ever-evolving and maturing beauty. From its tiniest element to the incalculable dimensions of the universe. It's always sharing with anyone and everyone who takes the time to see and listen.

The privilege of taking a walk. 

Some people won't be bothered and others physically can't, but they know they would if they could. I highly recommend walking. It truly is a time when you can join in with nature. Even if it's a walk in the city you will discover a little bit of nature's presence. It could be a decorative tree on the sidewalk or perching birds on a window’s edge. Of course, if you can walk in a park or better yet escape to the mountains or the deserts and go for a walk, or as I used to say when I was growing up in the mountains, "I am going for a hike." If you just get outdoors and walk, you will find a rejuvenation that impacts your mind, body, and soul.

Walking… Make it happen for you now, so you won't be saying to yourself and others "Those were the days." Make it a point of sharing by saying, "It was one of those days that my mind, body, and soul were rejuvenated, and all my stress and anxiety simply evaporated."

Nature's unwavering charity gave its heart and spirit to me. Those were the days of my youth. Can I ever go back beyond my imagination and remembrances? Perhaps I have. I still live in the mountains surrounded by a forest. A forest that offers beautiful vegetation in all sizes and colors. It's a forest that is not only abundantly alive with nature but its also home to birds and other animals that seem to manage to live in harmony with the gifts of nature.

"Every tree I see speaks to me in a quiet rhythmic voice driven by the breezes of nature."

Rod Jones Artist-Writer

An anecdote to my high tree climbing: I discovered recently that I have a picture that I shot down into the yard when my Dad was coming home from work. It’s almost like a little speck of a man off in the distance. I remember calling out to him, and of course, he said, “You better be damn careful.” 

My little sister was sitting on our patio lounge chair watching me climb the tree while she was drinking an RC cola. 

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