Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining

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Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining: Lightning flashed and thunder boomed. Outside the window, the summer storm made its way leaving behind a drenching freshness that could be seen and felt. The cleansing of the senses was again jolted by nature.

The reality: there’s something deep within our nature that has an unspoken rhythmic relation to all that nature has to offer. Our thoughts especially those deep within covet the spirit that connects us through the world of human experiences.

There is a sunrise and a sunset built into all of us. Some call it the psychobiography of our lives. To say it that way is beyond my daily comprehension. For me I like to just say our lives are a series of sketches revealed on paper, it's a story that unfolds daily. Looking at those past sketches and reminiscing may ultimately betray our destiny.

The metaphor may be a mixed one. "Thunder Only Happens When It’s Raining." Is repeated in the lyrics of the song Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. The inevitable storms that pass through everyone's life it's not about what you had and what you've lost it's more about what you have gained. Good and bad will come and go. Thunder may be frightening and unsettling but as it passes the inevitable nourishing rain replenishes not only the earth but if you will allow it to, it can cleanse the soul.

Every living thing including us is connected through the life-giving force of nature. Rain or shine, live each day with a vision of thanks and anticipation for good. Remember to give to get. You flourish when you help others.

"Never let a single drop of rain steal away its sustaining value to your living soul." 

Rod Jones Artist-Writer 

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