Turning words Into Actionable Ideas

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Turning words Into Actionable Ideas: No one word can do the work of many. Just like people, one can be good but a thousand or more can move a mountain. It may take more than a thousand words to convince a thousand people to move the mountain that's built on poorly crafted thoughts and ideas, especially ones that lack motivation and rewards.


Words written down can, and have dispatched thoughts and ideas for a millennium. Those words were meant to achieve a way to inform and express opinions and useful ideas. We all have been motivated to think and grow by written words.


Your words, your story. My words my story. When shall the two meet? Words no longer live in a vacuum and are only expressed in conversation or in the written tome. I speak to you and you speak to me through social media. Conversations become less formal, they’re scrolled through a thousand times faster than one could speak. Never leaving much of an impression.


The answer? It will no doubt take turning those words into actionable ideas that will resonate with people on many levels. Stop, read, and think! It's not all gibberish. As much as we all hate to admit it, social media has become the platform of choice to express our ideas and feelings. All too often it's never read and if it is; it's looked upon as flippant, and the best it can hope for is a humble and rarely gratifying thumbs up, clap, or heart.


A million words can flash by you in less than a minute, some have merit much do not. How do you choose? Controversy is seductive. Quotes make you think. Romance warms the heart. Beauty in any form elevates the spirit. Each will impact you differently on any given day. Take those words and turn them into actionable ideas to improve your outlook on your own life. And don't forget the people that write those words are doing their best to express themselves. Make a comment and create a conversation that will benefit everyone.


“A million words echoed in my mind till the right one held my hand on paper.”

Rod Jones Artist-Writer

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