Twenty Seconds In Your Life

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Twenty Seconds In Your Life: Your destiny and the passage of time. Can a mere group of seconds in time change everything? You blink your eyes 15 to 20 times a minute which gives you ample time to see and focus. Your hearing is constant. The speed of thought is approximately 60 bits per second. Our brains like supercomputers have a tremendous amount of processing power. Imagine what can happen to us in 20 seconds of thought, whether it be negative or positive.

Twenty seconds out of every half hour of your awoken day in productive thoughts could easily change your course in life. By clock time it seems like such a small amount. In reality, it's quite a lot if you calculated out. Be my guest. ;)

Have you ever really thought about what you think about any given day? So much of it can be best described as unproductive reminiscence. No one wants to spend their entire day completely immersed in problem-solving thoughts unless maybe you have the mind of someone like Albert Einstein. You know the guy who came up with E=mc 2.

Our days are filled with random thoughts, some are very productive others are wasteful. If you could take just 20 seconds out of every half hour and concentrate in a mindful manner, you would be able to achieve and accomplish your most ardent enterprise. Just make sure it's positive, elevating, and noble. You will quickly discover those thoughts will make you happy inside, they can even bring joy to those around you.

Your thoughts are your life, be engaged. Make them count and stand for something beautiful and positive. Negativity comes at us from every direction. Don't let it discourage you in any way. We all have more power over our thoughts than we give ourselves credit for. Easy to say; yes! Consider this… it only takes Twenty Seconds in Your Life to change everything for the better.

"The seeds of positive thoughts possess a magic that knows no known boundaries."

Rod Jones Artist-Writer

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