What benefits does pessimism hold for a creative person?

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What benefits does pessimism hold for a creative person? : We all from time to time have  inclination to emphasize what we perceive to be the worst possible outcome. The most often recommended solution is to think positive, which generally lasts mere minutes and does not solve the pessimism for very long. When it comes to the creative process, pessimism is often looked upon as the proverbial double edged sword. Like good and evil, creativity is not so masterfully controlled by our thoughts.


Guess what? Negative thinking and thoughts can almost be entertaining. After all, our imaginations can literally create any doomsday scenario. That same imagination exploring all of those negative possibilities can become very entertaining. After all, there is no such thing as a wasted thought if it's put into the right context. Just think how imaginative you become when you're dreaming up worst-case scenarios. The same actions that are going on inside your brain can also be shifted to coming up with creative solutions. Once the creative juices start flowing, negativity starts to evaporate. The game of thinking now becomes intriguing, and downright fun.


Shifting your thoughts from negative to positive ones is not always easy, but once you realize what is happening you can all the sudden shift those thoughts to positive solutions. After all, creativity is all about trial and error thinking, that is always looking for the right solution.


Pessimism has a secret door built into it, you just have to find it, and move your imagination through that door into the daylight of profound and cerebral creative expression.


"I thought pessimism was my nemesis and a formidable opponent to my creativity, until I learned to use it." Rod Jones artist

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