What Will Your Imagination Say to You?

Posted by Angie Johnson on

What Will Your Imagination Say to You? Is it metaphysically unearthly? An undiscovered species? Or is it just an imaginative painting? There are hundreds of brushstrokes on this work made up of oil paint. There are intricate and minute details that can only be seen and appreciated when standing in front of this painting.


When viewing this painting, it profoundly begs out, for a story to be told. The brawn is revealed when the viewer is forced into an imaginative state of thoughts. There's no escape, its seductive nature-like characters, force the imagination to say something to all those in its presence.


If you have the opportunity to own this painting, what do you think your imagination will say to you? How many times do you think different story-like thoughts will reveal themselves to you?


"I often find myself lost in a sea of pastel temperas, so seductive, that my emotions are decoyed into a fantasy." Rod Jones artist.

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