Why I Will Never use ChatGPT or Dall-E to Write or Paint

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Thought Row ChatGPT Dall-E AI blog post

Why I Will Never use ChatGPT or Dall-E to Write or Paint: I was; and I still am, smitten by any technology that improves humankind's lot in this world. All things AI, by no means, is the final frontier. But artificial intelligence is remarkably close to imitating all human behaviors; a scary thought, yes? 

Will writing original prose or spending a slew of hours painting a masterful work of art go by the wayside? It most likely will depend upon that often aggravating little thing we call time or the lack of it.

The more I think about all this AI stuff. I have to admit there are some pretty intriguing opportunities blatantly apparent by adopting the use of this technology. It has the potential to be invaluable in just about any creative endeavor. But not necessarily for me. But; there is a lure and temptation connected with it. 

When I write, and when I paint, there is so much personal joy and gratification it's hard to convey those feelings in a truly understandable way. I become filled with melancholy thoughts when I entertain the idea of turning over such personal delight to artificial intelligence. A better way to state it might be, forfeiting my own sense of well-being and blessedness that could be lost forever in the inner workings of an uncaring, cold and calculating computer. It's a sacrifice I'm not yet ready to make.

Most everyone that knows me is aware of our ThoughtRow.com website and blog. My wife and I feel very strongly about encouraging people to think. I'm concerned that AI could impact how people use their brains. If you don't believe me try to drive somewhere without listening to the lady on Google maps telling you how to get there.

"The machine before me was silent, but it spoke in terms that were way beyond my capacity to understand until I realized there was no longer me, and me became that heartless machine." Rod Jones Artist-Writer 

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  • Hello Rod. My “AI” will love us for facilitating its emergence yet suffer a god-like frustration with helping us achieve a more peaceful and loving world. Far too deep a pool to dip both feet in here. Thought-inspiring commentary with truly great and powerful implications. Thank you, Richard

    Richard on

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