Why The World Needed An Elon Musk

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Why The World Needed An Elon Musk: Musk, A hero that will always foil the villains. How does he manage to do that? It's quite simple, he knows the difference between right and wrong. He doesn't overtly try and change other people's moral compass.

Elon Musk's detractors, who are they? There seems to be a bunch of them. But here's my take on it, summed up in one simple word; jealousy! History has clearly shown that people who reach high, face challenges head-on, and achieve great success in life, invariably have people snipe at them. And with the advent of social media, envy, and maliciousness have found the perfect avenue to spread it. And to make it worse those that disagree with them, are annihilated with stinging words wrapped in falsehoods.

Twitter to X. You may or may not like it, but the world owes Elon Musk a huge thank you! He challenged other social media platforms and the media, by exposing them for their calculated and in some cases vindictive censoring of free speech. Musk realized that free speech needs to exist as a pivotal part of a free society. If you lose free speech you ultimately lose humanity. If you read world history, it wouldn't take you long to discover what has happened to societies that surrendered the right to free speech. The outcomes were appalling.

X is not perfect, but free speech found a home. There are people and organizations that have nefarious agendas with the goal to squash free speech. What are they afraid of? What would they be trying to hide? Ask the naysayers. More often than not they are either Pollyanna-ish in their motives or they have succumbed to a self-serving agenda.

What can we honestly all learn from Elon Musk? It's not that difficult to figure out how he and many others achieved great success. They simply practiced the art of thinking.

Tesla, the man, understood the power of thinking and its use in elevating and improving the lives of people. No wonder Musk became the CEO of Tesla and the proud owner of X. He literally thought his way there.

"When my thoughts became faultless, I discovered the beauty of originality."

Rod Jones Artist-Writer.


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