You Are Always Growing Up To The Highest Ideal Of Your Self

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You Are Always Growing Up To The Highest Ideal Of Your Self: Maturation can be a wonderful thing if you apply it to your life's experiences. All too often, we place it in one of two categories, good or bad. The good is when we understand the things that positively happen for us are actually shaping our maturity. Now let's address the bad things that happen in our lives. Life is not always fair as various sages throughout the ages have assured us all to be the case. As much as I personally hate to agree with this, the bad stuff we experience and live through sharpens our skills in life and causes us to mature. When you live through it you grow through it.


Ideally, the more we understand what instigates the bad outcomes in our lives, it should put us in a better frame of mind to avoid or deal with the next one that comes around more productively and positively. From the minute we are born we are always growing and hopefully learning. Learning to solve problems and developing coping skills. Moving us towards what we would like to think is our best selves. Make that our best happy selves.


Maturity happens… it's happening right now to both you and I, if you reading this. I may be causing you to think about what you perceive to be your ideal self. For me, I have to think about my own life experiences and the impact those experiences had on me. The interesting thing about how we humans mature, it's always coupled with an action and a reaction. We act and react to all of the input that comes through our senses. That information can be hardwired into our personalities which makes us mature.


Always growing… if you look back over your life I would suggest you don't dwell on the negative stuff. Just celebrate all of the really cool things that have happened to you along the way. You will be able to chart out the course which keeps you always growing up to your highest ideal of yourself.


"Life is not always easy. But with the right frame of mind, it can be wonderfully tolerable."

Rod Jones Artist-Writer 

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