You Should Be The Best Person You Know:

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 You Should be the Best Person You Know - Rod Jones Artist-Writer

You Should Be The Best Person You Know: A boatload of years ago, a very good buddy of mine named Roy Robinson told me that every morning when he shaves, he looks in the mirror and, with confidence, says to himself, "you handsome devil you." He then follows that up with, "you're going to have a very successful day Roy." I have to say that Roy was one of the most happiest people I've ever known. Roy's attitude toward life was always positive, and he always had kind words to share with those he met.


Going back another gob of years. A teacher I knew would often tell his students, "if you're by yourself and sitting all alone and you find yourself in bad company, then don't be surprised if you're not well-liked." My take on his statement was pretty clear if you don't like yourself, why would you expect anyone else to?


Liking yourself is not an ego thing. After all, who do you spend the most time with throughout your life? You! I suspect the more pleasant you are to you, the happier you're going to be. We all like to hang out with and gravitate to people that obviously like themselves. It's kind of contagious. And I'm sure there are lots of people that walk away saying to themselves, "I wish I could be more like them."


You really should be the best person you know. If you can't get along with yourself, life can be un-fun. Liking yourself, or not liking yourself, really gets down to one thing, and that is your self-talk. If you're always putting yourself down, or worse yet, putting other people down, you’re creating a negative environment inside your own head. And even you don’t want to be hanging out with yourself.


Living your life filled with distractions, like television, social media, and self-administered anesthetizing drugs or alcohol, will never solve the problem.


A trick I've learned and that I've shared with others is to start with a simple statement that you say to yourself often. Whatever name you go by, tell yourself; I love you, and I'm happy to be with you every day and in every way. Once you adopt this strategy, then when you are all alone lying awake in bed without any real distractions, you'll discover that you are a pretty cool person to be with.


"My heaven-sent soul became free the day I discovered the happy me." 

Rod Jones Artist-Writer 

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