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You are no doubt proud of your accomplishments. Your business, the services you provide, or just general information about you. But let us give you a tip. In an online world, you are defined by what people know about you. This is your story; it's important to share information about yourself and what you do so people can get to know and trust you. 


Pictures and videos do not always tell the story in a way that your audience can understand. Think about the misconceptions people have about what you do. And more often than not, they can be your own family members, especially your extended family, like in-laws and outlaws. 


Your story has to be written so people can know exactly what you do, the business you run, the products you sell, and even the content you create. There’s one thing that almost everyone agrees upon is that they are not very good at bragging about themselves or what they do, or even what their business is all about. It’s not easy, and we are raised to think that you are a braggart if you talk too much about yourself. That’s why a lot of times in business, you hear the term…elevator pitch. And, of course, those are very abbreviated, and people can hear what you have to say, walk away and immediately forget it. 


We a here to help you craft your story so people understand exactly what you do so they can hire you, buy your products, and engage with you online. We can even help you with your customer engagement copy and product descriptions. That way, you can make the sales you need to keep your business growing. 


Services provided: Business development copywriting, sales copy, blog posts, direct marketing email campaigns, company profile & profile story writing, non-profit organization content writing, donation letter writing, funnels, mission statements, and motivational articles.


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