The Team

Once upon a time, there were two people named Inci and Rod, who were both passionate about creativity and branding. They had met in Rod’s Commercial Photography Studio and had quickly bonded over their love for photography, design, creative thinking, and all things branding.

Rod was a natural when it came to helping his clients create compelling advertising using photography and copy. He had an eye for aesthetics, color, and could transform a simple idea into a stunning visual representation. Inci, on the other hand, was a master strategist. She could analyze a brand's strengths and weaknesses, identify target audiences, and develop effective messaging that resonated with customers.

Together, Inci and Rod formed a marketing & branding agency where they applied their unique skills to help businesses and individuals create powerful and memorable brand identities. They worked with clients from a variety of industries, from fashion to tech to food, and their work was always thoughtful, intentional, and tailored to each individual client's needs.

One of their most memorable projects was for a startup that was developing a new health and wellness product. The company had a unique approach to health, but they struggled to differentiate themselves from other companies in the crowded market.

Inci and Rod spent weeks researching the market, the competition and developing a branding strategy that would make the startup stand out. Rod created a bold, vibrant visual identity that reflected the company's energy and vitality, while Inci developed messaging that emphasized the company's commitment to innovation and personalization.

The result was a stunning brand that immediately caught the attention of customers and investors. The startup gained traction and quickly grew, becoming a major player in the health and wellness space.

Inci and Rod continued to work together, building brands that made a real impact. They were respected and admired in the industry, and their work was recognized by satisfied clients. But most importantly, they felt fulfilled knowing that they were helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals and create a lasting impression on their customers.

And, of course, like all good stories…they all lived happily ever after.