Help Going Poop - Digital Download E-Book

Help Going Poop - Digital Download E-Book

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Help Going Poop  - Digital Download E-Book

Your personal guide to going #2 naturally.

This book tackles an embarrassing and mostly private topic with a no-nonsense approach to combating constipation and chronic laxative use.

Simple, easy steps that help to restore digestive health and wellness.

Packed with information that can help you to find out what is normal, what time of day to go, shape, color & what is considered healthy.

The book also addresses issues of period constipation, PMS, women's anxiety over pooping, stress, how men poop, gut-brain connection, irritable bowel syndrome, IBS, and leaky gut. Causes of constipation like prescription and OTC drugs and calcium supplements.

It contains tips for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and experiencing constipation.

A friendly, easy-to-read book chock full of tips, suggestions, lifestyle, eating, and recipes..