Rod Jones - Inspirational & Motivational Writer


Rod Jones - Inspirational & Motivational Writer

Describing myself without using the words I or me.

Good luck with that right? Let's go with it and see how it goes.

A deep appreciation for nature. Growing up in a small mountain community some years ago. Hiking and spending my most informative years in this consecrated earthly environment made for a purposely driven and attentive child to a man.

Then came four years in the United States Navy aboard a diesel submarine. Giving the opportunity to see the world, learn from other cultures, and grow a sense of self-awareness. All along wondering what would life offer for an X sailor.

A deeply rooted passion for photography led to a happy, rewarding, and successful career as a commercial photographer. The visual and thought-provoking creativity was immersive, plus building communication skills that carried my life forward into becoming a marketing consultant.

My life today; after overcoming the challenges of dyslexia and a measure of family encouragement especially from my wife, came my passion for writing and sharing insights that hopefully are beneficial to those that want to be inspired.

Where's the art, Like painting? It somehow magically ties everything together. It's a purely creative endeavor and has brought inspiration to all those who have been exposed to it.

This is the true I and me. Today and every day I help others grow. It may be helping them make their personal ambitions a reality or help their businesses thrive.

"We succeed in life by the thoughts we entertain. Allowing us to grow with poise and grace." Rod Jones Artist-Writer