Episode 29: Ruth Davis - Abstract Floral Artist

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Episode 29:  Ruth Davis - Abstract Floral Artist

Our guest, Ruth Davis is an accomplished abstract floral artist. What makes this episode special is that Ruth shares with us and our listeners her deeply heartfelt expression of love and how she interprets and expresses that love through her artistic skill and medium. She became a professional artist after her loving grandparents passed away. They were creative mentors to her, and she learned to paint florals in her grandparents' garden. To this day, she honors Carmen and James with every painting she creates. Her style is not a traditional approach to painting flowers. She incorporates abstract compositions and uses a very colorful palette. Her paintings are beautiful representations of various flowers and floral arrangements. Her work has been shown in galleries and featured in numerous magazines. Ruth is passionate about carrying on what she learned from her grandparents, both artistically and teaching her the visual language of nature and especially of colorful flowers.


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 Episode 29: Ruth Davis Abstract Floral Artist

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You'll never guess what? I just did. It was moving something out on the front porch and I think I prayed did a bunch of dead bugs. So down copying though. That is so gross. Thank you for sharing your gross little story. You're welcome. I know you did something really beautiful for a home today, though. I want to mention that I thought, well, you did something with flowers. Oh yes, I did kind of goes with Today's Show Theme. I brought home a bouquet of peonies for our kitchen counter, and you know what? They're quite beautiful life. I'm so thankful, you did that ours make the house just more warm and lovely. They really do. Hi everyone. And here we are celebrating what people love to do creatively by giving them a voice. I'm Ron Jones and I'm Angie Jones, welcome to Bizarro podcast. We have off to subscribe wherever you, listen and we are available virtually anywhere. You listen to podcasts? Yes. And you know what? Share with your friends. Tell your friends about this podcast off. Well, and she, what are we going to discuss today? Well today, we're going to be speaking with Ruth Davis, an abstract floral artist. Well, Ruth Davis is from the UK, and she was gracious enough to reach out to n g. And I so we had a chat with her. Yeah. And after listening to her and talking to her, we really felt people would enjoy her perspective on Thursday. March, we need to start with your quote, okay? So our quote, this week is where flowers, bloom sodas hope, and this quote is by Lady Bird Johnson birth, Like that quote. And maybe do you have another one to follow up with her? I do and and I couldn't decide. So, I wanted to put both of them in. So, I'm glad you asked me about it. Her quote, is ugly, name is so Grim, a little beauty, something that is lovely. I think can help create Harmony, which will lessen tensions. Oh, I like that one, especially. Yeah, I'm glad you picked that second choice to. I'm glad you like it. You know what, the whole probably. Most people don't even know who Lady Bird chance and was I do? I remember who she was, you know, see how we're going to be talking a lot, about five hours in this podcast. I'll share a little bit about Lady Bird. Johnson tell us more about her. I'd like to know more about like to know what you discovered. Okay. I'm going to cuz I was kind of small when she when she has an office there, her husband was but here's a little bio on her that I picked up from the PBS website and it says, if you were ever wondering who started the initiative wage, Beautify the nation's highways and Parks. It was Lady Bird Johnson, she was the first lady during the late sixties. When her husband Lyndon Baines Johnson was President of the United States, she believed that beauty can improve the mental health of a society and was determined to make the United States, a more beautiful place throughout her lifetime. In the white house, she fought to make American cities More Beautiful by planting flowers or adding park benches and by removing Billboards, and junk yards from the nation's highways, that's pretty impressive. Yeah, I'm so glad she did. In fact, you and I had an opportunity to experience something that she created. It was very special to offer us what's that? Well when you and I actually lived in Imperial Beach in San Diego and where we lived was the most Southwestern tip of the United States. Believe it or not, and there was dead. Beautiful Estuary and she developed. And you and I used to walk down there, walked along the ocean. We don't hear. It was so beautiful and I didn't really realize that she had she built that I photographed there quite a bit and there was a sign when you came in to that end of the park. Remember reading it and stuff. Where I remember reading her. Yeah. Or nay nay decision. Yeah, a lot of people go to that Park and what was really interesting. It literally was the most Southwestern tip of the entire United States. It really was. But what was neat about it? Is the condo that we had lived in actually faced the ocean on one side. So literally the ocean would almost come up to the condo porch, that's it. And I thought it was neat, is that night time, sometimes you would see storms out in the distance, in the ocean and you'd actually see the Thunderbolts coming down into the ocean.

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It was very dramatic, that's quite the birth. Show it was, but now it's going to be your turn Rod. Oh, are you ready for rods motivational moments? I thought you would have forgot about it. Of course. Well, I actually have one month to go. Okay? Okay, so here do. Okay, hurry, hurry and hurry. Here we go again. It must be all the bugs. Must be, hurry here and birth there. Hurry, hurry everywhere. And now this is not from an Alice. In wonder wonderland movie song to me. It seems like, we spend so much time hurrying to do things that we forget to live. Yes, I couldn't agree more, you know, we live in such a fast-paced society these days? Don't you think? I think so in even though, you know, you should have been able to go out as much, they spend more time on their computers and chatting with people visually on the various programs are very popular for doing that. Just starting to become kind of wearing Undead. That's very true. Well, we're going to be talking about flowers today in our topic and I think that flowers are probably the most cherished gift, any person can receive. Yes. And what was the husband that never brings his wife flowers. Well, that's kind of sad because sometimes you bring your husband flowers too. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, you know, I mean they do encourage that and there's many men out there that light floral arrangements, I certainly liked them but I think for a man may I bring home a vase of flowers or even a bouquet or even one flower that you picked in the front yard and she walked in the house and you present it to your wife, or your girlfriend or even your daughter, whatever, watching the expression they have on their face when they receive that flower for me, it's always been a great joy and I've really enjoyed it when I've had the opportunity, although I haven't been to Michigan. This last year to give you a vase full of flowers. You know, I love receiving flowers from you and I love Just Flowers in general, you know, that when we go for a walk, I have to smell all the Roses long as we're walking. Yeah. And I just, I can't help other just beautiful. Yeah, we're lucky in our neighborhood, a lot of people, and we live in the mountains, but they have roses in their front yards and we're kind of Lucky and have all these flowers bloom this time of year. Spring. Exactly. But I want to say throughout history throughout the history of art flowers, have been incorporated into many of the world's greatest paintings. Some of them are just been still lifes of floral arrangements. And what I really personally like as others have been Incorporated in the overall theme of the painting and speaking of flowers, in a vase who doesn't recognize a vase of yellow sunflowers. Well, you must be referring to Vincent van Gogh the Sun song. Hours. That's such a beautiful bright painting that it just captures your attention and your breath. And then my other favorite painting is the lavender choices that he painted. Those are both iconic paintings. They really are and it's kind of interesting that when you go to the van Gogh Museum, the coasters in t-shirts and everything, that was the one painting that they put on all that stuff. That's true. I think I bought those Costa Rica. I think. Actually, I did, I remember putting a soft drink or something down on the Masters, we have those. I don't think we still have them though. Now we do. So we going to that's good to know that we we they're, they're durable to see you go supporting Vago sunflower painting. Right? You know what I like, I've always liked paintings, where people are gathering flowers like the ones created by, what's his name. Oh, Albert Lynch, those paintings of his home. People Google him and take a look at it, cuz he's got these beautiful paintings of women going out and picking up Bunches of flowers and holding them. Underneath her arms, the colors, the paper still use of paint, it's just absolutely stunning down and especially the ones where it looks like it's summertime and they're picking flowers, and it looks so summery and their outfits are, you know, off of that time. So very beautiful. But, you know, it's summertime here and my favorite flower to look at in the forest, are the wild, viruses such a surprise when you're walking through a forest and you see just some of those popping up here. And there, I remember those and I remember thinking that when you see when I was a child or a kid, and I'd see those pop up everywhere, I go. Oh man. It's it's springtime and is the end of school. Yay. Flower that ends school for me. Yeah, that was always a good time. I know. So.

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Okay, I think we're going to be real Need to. Well I want to talk about Springtime. Oh I'm sorry, brain time summer and fall the nature around us as much to offer when it comes to beautiful wage dollars, you know. You're so right. And in the mountains I think the the fall leaves and the Fall colors are so beautiful. It's probably the most Vivid time a year up here. It really is dead. Okay. So are we ready for our guests? I have nothing else to say and I'm very very excited to hear what our guest has to say. Okay, our guest is Ruth Davis today stay tuned off. Ruth. Welcome to the thought, Rowe podcast. You know, we have many listeners and a lot of them are creative. People who love nature and especially flowers. Yes. Hi Ruth. So good to have you with us today and we are looking forward to hearing how you would became an abstract floral artist. Hi guys, thank you so much for having me today. It's really great to be here. Oh good. I'm glad to have you here. We are glad to have you. But, you know, before we get started, I'm going to ask you a question. We've been asking all of our guests, which is what did you have for breakfast this morning, breakfast. I guess you guys have a lot sooner than we didn't do more about to have dinner. I had a crush on and coffee that sounds yummy. Croissants are always good job. My favorite, did you put anything on it? Like more better. I do actually. Yeah, and jam. Yeah, proper pig out with it. That sounds delicious. Yeah, I agree a good breakfast. Good job. Well, you know Roots artists have been painting nature and still lives of floral arrangements for centuries and you've created what looks just like a very unique style. Tell us which started you on that path and painting flowers. So I started painting professionally just after my grandparents passed away, it was almost five years actually now. And yeah, they had the most amazing Garden so I have just wanted to do something for them and just thought, oh, I should paint job because they always encouraged me and yeah, it's kind of just gone from that and it really helped me through them both passing as well. So, that was really good too because when I was younger, I was like six or five. My dad actually passed away as well. So yeah. So they actually had like a really, really strong like role in my life. Not saying it was stronger than anyone else's, but yeah, they were home. He had that really, really strong connection to them. So yeah. It was really hard when they passed and I just knew I had to do something and like keep them alive and everything like that. So yeah, it does. I mean, loads of Lights to me to paint all these flowers for them. I think that's, you know, that's really special though it is. And I'm so sorry to hear about your grandparents and your, your dad as well. Thank you, I guess, you know, you're so fortunate to have such loving and creative, grandparents, that were instrumental in inspiring. You, how old were you, when you first thought, when they first realized that you could have had the potential of being a painter, while they probably told me from like, when I could do my first finger painting or something, like, they were always given a pencils pens, whatever in their kitchen, they had a note board and they had pictures that I had done from when I was like three or something, like still up there. So it was like, so strange that when I was younger I know going to take that down yet but that's so sweet. Yeah, they were honestly just so supportive of anything I just they had tissue box as well, and I used to just do walk on them, goes really randomly and they would be like, oh, you could sell this, this would be amazing. Look like I've just done some shapes on a tissue box, it was like really strange. But yeah, just literally anything I did and they loved it and supported it. That sounds so. So so cool because they were your Muses really grandparents. Yeah. Where the muses instead of something else that you always see in the movies, you ever see the lightning parents doing. That thing we always appreciate about our grandparents is they're not our parents, you know, parents are you prepared seemed a little bit more Stern, you know, because they're not responsible for your well-being. Yeah, but grandparents can kind of they, your grandparents must have been extremely proud of you Ruth. I suspect they were very much. So, what since your grandfather wage, Artist. Yes, he was. So he went to Art School in Canada, which was amazing for him, but with all of the like colors and just everything off and then he met Mae Nan when he was traveling because she was a hotel receptionist.

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So they met through that and they they just kept writing letters to each other and then they got em as like a wow. Nice kind of love story as well. Yeah, very much story. Totally obviously cared for each other very much and they obviously cared for you a lot. Oh yeah. Yeah, they were sort of like even you could just you could just tell like every day. It was so funny. Em em. They would always like bigger each other but like you know, when people bicker and it's really lovely to kind of watch because it's funny and you could just tell that that were enjoying it and just enjoying kind of being with each other and everything. It was it was really great to watch and I guess even that is kind of like aspiring to have something like that as well. In the future. Exactly. Yeah. You might never bit her. Oh, right. Right. Like the word breaker like bickering. That describes it pretty. Well, yeah. That's that's very endearing. I thank you for sharing that. There was a very endearing thing to say about your grandparents. They seem to be so instrumental and you developing the path you took as an artist. The one thing I want to say is sometimes people have a hard time thinking of flowers as being a subject for a while strapped to Art but you know, you're leaning that way. Tell us about that. Yeah, well honestly I'm not that great at during a, a still life kind of sure. Yeah, I I I can't I don't have that skill but I love the shapes and the colors and just All flowers, I don't care what kind they are, or what color, what they always are. Just so lovely to look at. And I think abstract a lot of people kind of have like a weather a bit like. Oh, that's just abstract, it's just a bit of like few blobs and a bit of colors like on a page or something, but it's actually so much more than that. And I think it's so nice as well because you can look at something that's more abstract. And so many other people can have like different views and different feelings. When they see it rather than when I just do like a still life and it's just like, it's a flower sort of thing that's well, you know, the thing there, such a thing that's abstract landscapes in that kind of, that's a little bit. What you're doing. But the whole part of this is I always say rather than sit there and try to pay a floral arrangement and there's some beautiful ones we've all seen him in major museums. Yeah but you could do Jersey. As well with a camera, you know. Yeah during those times when they did those though, they didn't have a camera. That's true. So that's why I think they it was really popular. Yeah. And it looked really cool off entranceway your Victorian home. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Seeing some stunning pictures and I can appreciate the fact that, I mean, if you're going to go to that kind of detail, basically, you're just replicating. What nature is already done, instead of creative person and artist, like you are, you're going to put your own signature into the paint and into the colors you use. So, I think that's what's makes you woke a special. Thank you very much. Yeah, I am obsessed with the color pink as well. I'm gold. As soon as I started painting, I just decided I loved gold. So, all my paintings were not all of them, but pretty much, all of them will have that the black pink or gold. Those are two very magical colors. I think that young people view them, I don't think anybody feel sad at that point, they know. Yeah, a happy story dead. Yeah, that's exactly what I want from my paintings because of this, the mining Grandad and they used to make people so happy. So I'm very much. Like I paint some beautiful stuff, make people happy, they may be happy. It makes me happy. Oh, good for you. Yeah, so we all know nature is Bountiful by itself and we all know that flowers are readily available, especially during the Spring and Summer. Where do you find your flowers to use a subjects? I have like a thousand pictures on my phone, my nan and Grandad garden. And they took the most beautiful rose, Arch that I've ever seen. I actually moved into my house. But yeah. Oh, yeah, yeah. So yeah, we go. And the first thing I did in my barging was put an arch and had planted roses to kind of. Try get something as nice as that. So, yeah. That and then just my own flowers. Now, my garden, which I'm very proud of a song. Just yeah, just even if I go to shops and I see loads of my flowers, I just like, take picture and I'm like, well, there's kind of anywhere, really, you know, walks any wildflowers. We've had loads of puppies here recently. I don't know if you guys have had puppies.

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Oh yes, we get them in the springtime. Here we get the California poppies and they are magnificent and I'm sure the ones in England are equally as beautiful. So, very cool. Yeah. The sides of the mountains are flame. They kind of affirmative flame with the orange poppies. Yeah, and they grow along highways here and there and then on the freeways they actually plant them to make the freeway look a little more. Pretty yeah, private amazingly off. Kind of an interesting question for you. Maybe. Do you ever talk to your subject to your flowers? Actually, I did the other day because even though summer job Like to really nice hot weeks, a little bit of a time. It was fantastic. And then now it's just torrential rain. So I did go out to my flowers and I did apologize to them and I was like, I'm really sorry bout rain. They are, they are living things, you know, I mean, they are very much living and you can. And, and as scientists have told us, they have emotions they across their emotions, two different ways. And I think that you chose that subject maybe encouraged heavily by a grandparents but you are communicating with them even if you're just bought a painting them. Yes. Yeah I also have a rosebush it's a memorial rose. Bush maligning Grandad as well. So that's I go there. Quite as long as I can and I sit there and kind of like talk to him and Grandad kind of it's just like a, a nice Bush for them. So that's, that's really nice as well. Oh yeah, what a great idea. Thank you, for sure. And she, yeah, everyone loves roses and pro as roses are probably the most gifted flower. I mean, everybody sends roses, what is your favorite to paint? You have a fave Rose. I just like all all of the Roses I do, because I just mainly because of the results from their Garden. I just that I've just always been obsessed of raises from that page. So I think it was like, a year ago that I sorry for the first year I was started to paint. I was trying to do cherry blossom and I could just never do it any justice. And then it wasn't until last year. I did a really big. It was one meter by one meter piece on canvas and it was just silver background. Loads of delicate cherry-blossom life, right? And it was honestly, one of the best things I've done and I love it so much. So yeah, probably roses and nacho Blossom. I just do all the time cuz I just think it's amazing. I think we saw that on your Instagram. I think so long. Yes I remember that. Yeah it is really beautiful and yeah it was actually fun pink pink. Yeah it's kind of a tricky color cuz pink wants to look like white Dodge truck is but you seem to capture a pretty pretty well yeah, I use a hot pink, a lot of the time. It's kind of like the base of it and then I can layer up with the sort of lighter colors and a little bit of gold package as well. Yes, I bought that's really great and helps chooses very odd size. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Just everything Goldberg. Yes. Yeah. So though either be there's normally a couple of gold specs and stuff, just because when the sun light goes on it as well, it just it just bounces off it. And it just gives it like a whole nother Dimension. So pretty, so pretty. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, Steve is your studio filled with the fragrance of flowers and does that somehow impact your creativity dead? While. So because I have got the garden now. I have actually started to paint quite a lot in the garden. So that's kind of also like another studio for me now. Oh yeah. So yeah, it is amazing to be surrounded by flowers. Doesn't a definitely helps cuz you just get to see the all the different colors in whatever. Kind of flower you're doing or Draw off. Like all the flowers that are surrounding it as well, she might bring into the peace. So, like I have this Rose at the moment and it's so when it first came out it was a really, really pale pink and then the son kind of bleached. It went white but then I was looking it today and now it has loads of like dark pink specs on it. So it's yeah. So it's kind of had like three stages of different color and life already as well. So, it's yes, it's amazing. I get the feeling you're going to incorporate that in a painting. Cuz that sounds so pretty. Yes. Yeah, I do. Normally on top of all my paintings I do like a kind of Jackson, Pollock flick on it as well. So yeah, I'm definitely going to do probably like white roses and then paint click on it. Look good. That'll be great. Yeah, when you're out in that Garden you have an audience you too.

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They're all out there cheering you on painting in the garden. Yeah definitely and my cats come along as well. I may help is there all distractions in your garden. I mean, do you have jets flying over neighbors going. I hate roses roses off and I do have some nosy neighbors but I have got a high fence now so don't look in so much. Oh good. Yeah, so it's it's quite nice to not be constantly like, oh, okay. I have a question, an artist question. So I know that I know the weather changes in England, we've been there several times in rainstorm Come up actually kind of quickly so you pick up your easel and canvas and run indoors. Is that what happens? Yes, pretty much. Yeah, I actually had to do that. I think it was. Yes, she and I had just finished my part time job. I'd come back. Try to be in the garden for a few hours and then yeah, it just started raining and I had to grab the cat. Grab all my paint, run it and I was wage is not mad. Oh my goodness. So it's like a fire drill. You have to grab everybody in the end. Yeah, definitely. All artists face blank canvases. I want to. We would like to know what you think about prior to laying down that first brush stroke, or the color, what goes on in your head roof. So, on my notes on my phone, I do actually have a lot of salt black color schemes, and I'll be like, oh, do this background with this color or this or something like that, but then sometimes I'm just there and I'm like, yeah, this color. That starts to look nice and I'm like, wow. Doesn't she look good and the largest carry-on. So it's either very well planned or completely just how I feel in the day with what colors I want to start using. So you're doing a job for me know your sketchy and something out where you for the composition. Know. Yeah, always. Always freeform. Yeah, I don't I'm good for you. See. That's a nice and it's really inspirational more spontaneous boss is coming more from your soul, I think. Yeah, yeah. Rather bizarre isn't in in nature. They just grow. However, wherever so, I kind of just do that rather long and straight lines and And for some reason, like when we go out to the desert and there's all these Cactus and rocks and different kinds of blooming flowers, something during the season, it always amazes me how well it off and scaped flowers have a way of landscaping themselves. Incredibly nature, does I should say has an incredible way of creating the landscape. I mean, landscape Partners can't do as good a job as nature to never make on another, but that's interesting that you approach her canvases by letting it respond. To what the actual flowers want to do as opposed to you telling them what to do? Yeah. Yeah, I kind of let them grow as they. Oh, I like that. Oh yeah, that's a good description because your paintings are like that may have seemed very organic. It doesn't seem forced and contrived. It's very, very joyful. Yeah, well, that's good. Thank you, I wanted to ask you Rouge, Do you ever see yourself applying your artistic skills to other ways of creativity like sculpture or anything like that? So I have tried doing some other stuff off but I I just love painting. I just really, really love it. It's so therapeutic for me that if I've, if I'm really stressed or if I'm feeling down or even if I'm feeling like really, really took it just, it just relaxes me somehow. It's just so amazing. Yeah, I have tried with other stuff but it's just not the for me. Personally, it's just not the same feeling under sign up from painting. So I understand completely on that one. Yeah, he's somehow just resonates with you and you feel like your your Zone where you just want to continue. Yes, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, yeah. I think I think I respect people that do different forms of art, you know, they're talented and they become talented in other areas but it's not like it seems like to me off. Play. The one thing that you're the best at there's a reason for it. You obviously are best at what you're doing truth. So I will pick up a hammer and chisel if I were you know, now I can't even get my nails into the wall very well. I think I will give up every artist. You kind of touched on but every artist experiences, eggs iety, especially when they're starting off. I think about a work that they have just completed. They're sitting there looking at a beautiful piece of art. How do you handle that anxiety? Well, when I first started, I actually just used to paint over the whole thing off. I just be like, this is awful, I can't believe it.

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And then, about a day, maybe two later. I'd be like, why did I do that? Like, it looks great. It would be really annoying but now I'm kind of learning to just be like, right? Take a step back, leave it for a few days. Come back to it so what you want to do. So yeah really that I mean it's stressful process but it's a bit off. Well, that's the one. Nice thing about painting a little bit more in the abstract side because you can push and pull your colors and change things even even if you're looking at and you know no man this is a mess off and then you go, you know what if I pull this color back and push this one forward, give a little bit of depth and then all of a sudden you got a pretty decent looking piece of work. Yeah I have them do that quite often way to like yeah you keep you keep working it right? Yeah. Yeah. Sometimes too much but sometimes just enough. Yeah that's fun. That's the main thing is not to take the fun out of it and getting too self-critical. And yeah, exactly. So hard though because you want to like you want to to project a certain feel or certain colors and then sometimes your hands and brain aren't responding the way you want. You want a lot. Yeah. Right. So it's kind of hard to be like, step back and leave it alone for a while and you know, even a day or two and then come back. Can sometimes. And if you step away for an hour, it's seems like a whole different painting. You're not yet, does where it's dried a bit more and you're like, oh, okay, right, that's fine. I can stop off in that color in and layer it now. Yeah, right. They won't turn into that as well. When you get a dry. Yeah. Also after a few times, it kind of builds your own self confidence boost does. Yeah. It does definitely hundred percent. Yeah, yeah. I definitely leave them more a lot than painting of them all the more. The more you paint? Yeah. There were you paint them self-confidence, you have. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Also, speaking of confidence. So I wanted to ask you about the fact that you're receiving a lot of accolades right now for your artwork. Yes, thank you. You're welcome. What has been your proudest moment so far? Well, actually I was really, really touched by someone contacted me for a Commission job. His girlfriend had bought a painting from me before. And then she, she always like likes my stomach as many good comments and everything. Like, she just really loves my work truck. He actually messaged me. Like in secret, mom was like all, could you please do a painting for her? And he commissioned a painting for her birthday. And then I I had to like send it to his office. So he could wrap it up there and everything and then on her birthday, she just sent me one of the nicest Masters thought because she was just so happy with the painting and she just absolutely loved. It was awful idea. And what a lovely gift? Yes. Yeah, Iverson really like wow. Yeah. And it made me feel really good as well, cuz I was like, I can do something really special, like someone's birthday and like, yeah, it was just, it was that was definitely. It was incredible for me. I really, really loved it. Oh, I can see that. So, if peacock, Want to impress their wives or girlfriends. They should contact you. Yeah. Just message me. Just don't buy real flowers by the ones. That'll last forever, right? Exactly. Yeah, you know, these last few times you messed up. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. I think it's hours are for a day at painting is forever. Yeah, exactly. But then also you've been featured in a couple of magazines. Tell us about that. Yes. Sorry they contacted me through my website and they were doing our edits on both of the magazines and they just said that they had been look at my work for a while, and they thought that my work would really suit the type of art that they were having in the magazine for that month. Yeah. Hey by yeah, I think I was in an April and the May edition. So it was very kind of like, spring flowers and spring colors. So, yeah, that was that was really fun. And I was like, oh wow, okay, this is great. When was this now, say there was a house in Garden one. And then there was another one, which it was called like London, life wage. Okay. Yeah. But it was so it got sent to the different boroughs. It would be kind of like, you know, different states for you guys, I guess, right? Right, sure. Yeah. So, for me, it was just like Mayfair life and then it was Kensington life, Chelsea life, and my guess for you guys. That would be like California life. Florida life, stuff like that. Yeah. Or like, Los Angeles, magazine. Palm Springs. Guys like that.

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Yeah, yeah, definitely. Okay, that's nice. Good for you. Yeah, it was really lovely to just be approached by someone as well. Oh yeah. I mean life and gives you self confidence and I love Sam. Definitely loves to be appreciated for the hours. Yeah. Sweat and Tears you put out new car. Yeah. Yeah. Hundred percent. You know, phone number. To appreciate all the offerings in nature. I know, I do. I know energy does and obviously you do Ruth. We in nature, you can see it, you can feel it, you can touch it. And you can hear the birds sing and all that. What is your favorite thought when it comes to Nature? Well, I guess I'm kind of censorship before just the fact that it can grow anywhere and it can like change. Like even by, you said that they've planted the puppies on the freeway, just to make it look nicer and make people like a bit happier. I just think that that's such an incredible thing. No one else does it? Just it just happens like outside your door. I just think that that's so amazing. That just stepping outside your door or someone else's door or just going for a walk for like 10-20 minutes and you can be in like a completely sort of different place. Yes, it's really great for the most part, it's free. Yeah, exactly. We live in the mountains and we have four seasons up here and we see the changes with the deciduous trees, and, and various flowers and weeds that are colorful pop up from time to time, but it's always interesting to see the changes of the seasons especially fall fall of the mountains. It's especially nice because of all the oak trees. Oh yeah, but that's beautiful. Yeah, yeah, okay, so I'm thinking about your floral paintings too. So I'm going to ask you about that. It's interesting to me about floral paintings is like, yours is very meditative and impart happy energy to someone's home. What are your thoughts about that? Like how do you feel when some of these purchased your art? And you know, if the you've put in all this joy and all this really good energy into the painting and you and what do you think when they buy it? Are you like wage? What, what are your thoughts after I do my happy dance? It's just amazing. I mean just the kind of like what you're doing is sort of like Get Enough that someone actually wants to see it in their home or ever like every day for life and everything. It's just so nice. Honestly. It's the best feeling. Yeah, I could see that. Yeah, cuz all I want is that she's people to like look at them and it make them happy because so every painting that I do has my signature and then my nana and Grandad signature sauce signature that initials with my signature plastic kind of. Yeah. So it's kind of like whenever I do a painting that goes there and then it's kind of like they're flowers, wage is making people as happy as they like would make them and me and everything. So lovely thought, thank you for. Thank you for sharing that route. That's nice. That's really special and it's wrong. Word. Homage to them. Yes, I think that's. That's really quite beautiful. Yeah, flowers are very popular to have in your home and paintings of flowers are extremely popular and especially if they're very colorful or they maybe flowers that remind them of some trip they took or some restaurant or some event in their life. So when you decorate your home flowers on the wall there, there forever. And as long as you can walk by him and get inspiration. If it has anybody ever said, oh, right? Look at your painting. This is what comes to my mind. Have you ever heard that so many words? I guess, but you want. So do you want us to do? Tell you what? Yeah, that would be great. Know, I tell you what, I think that if you look at like, on the Instagram or if you go to museums or galleries, whatever, there's a lot of heart in this world and yeah, some of the art is for lack of a better choice. I'm kind of disgusting. It's does an Elevate men and women, it just doesn't Elevate Our Lives. It doesn't give us feelings of happiness or Joy or love. A lot of it is often kind of antagonistic and the ice thing. I mean they think that the one thing engine, I respect about you. And one of the reasons why we're happy to have you on this podcast is what you paint, six people feel good. It doesn't make them have to question themselves or, you know, or or some other. There's no subliminal motive, they're just feel good. And I think if I may say this I think your grandparents had a lot to do with in stealing that in you. Yeah, hundred percent. Yeah, definitely definitely. Definitely, definitely. Well then, where do you see yourself in two years? I'm high-paying in two years that I will be doing this full-time.

00:40:07 - 00:44:36

So at the moment, I just do three days in a coffee shop, right? Keep the income khong. Regular sort of thing, right? But yeah, definitely, two years, a hundred percent. No doubt in my mind, I'm going to be doing this full-time. Just something that I love to do that. I just enjoy. I just would like to me basically but I can see you doing that. I think in two years, I think you're going to be well on your way cuz you're already, you know, really right in the starting position of just launching yourself. So really, really I think you're right there. Yeah, plus what you're creating is popular, I mean people love. Yeah, it doesn't go out of style. Never, lots of different kinds of our scheduling going to style but florals, they have longevity and through the centuries. Obviously. Yeah. But I'm sorry that's going to lead me to my question which is name three things you hope to achieve or accomplish in the next year I have my stats Festival which is a month today so hopefully I sell out that and I continued do installs because I just think that would be really fun. Like I'm so excited to do that, right? And I would love to have another exhibition cuz I have one in it was like a theater Gallery page and to see like all of my paintings just like group together. It was it was it was so amazing cuz where they were just like I just paint them and I was like one just one at a time was really like something special to see them all together. I was like, oh wow me very. It's a great feeling for sure. Yeah. I'm going to give you a question in less than five words. What would you tell people that want to live more creatively? Honestly? Just do it it's so it's so worth it in the end. It's just a complete bike. Yes, your ass holes on. You can just do whatever you want in a have so much fun with it like if you want to or yeah just just do it. It's great advice. That's good. Advice wage. Accurate advice. Yeah, yeah, don't procrastinate. Just do it. Yeah. Yeah. Even if it's just like a little Doodle hair in there or something, like I still think that that's great event itself. And you can do or Maza well, on our our, our podcasts, we encourage people to be creative and live their best friend life and do any mean, even if it's baking a great cake we could change that to be super creative. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Okay. So I'm going to ask you the question. We asked all of our guests and if you could sit on a park bench and chat with anyone from the Past, who would it be? It would probably be mene just because I absolutely love all of his paintings that he started just any that the water lilies and everything else just be like how did you do that? Why does it look so good? That's a good answer. Cuz that would be really cool to see him and talk with him. Yeah and he will show you his favorite dog. But the left Fender paint and probably yeah, yeah. We got those shoes. And a little, it makes a little green in with it. To get that shadow. Yeah, I think we're unfortunately we're rounding a sub. Yeah, and Ruth, I really want to thank you for being our guest today and a little bit about your life as a painter of flowers. Yeah. She woke him and also we'd like to let our listeners know if you want to know more about Ruth will have links for her under the show guests, tab on thought, roll podcast, so everyone can learn more about her off and please connect with her on social media. Can check out our website. Yes, that's a, thank you, and I hope to speak to you guys soon now. Yourself, right? Thank you. Thank you. Great guess, we really appreciate your chatting, dear. Okay, bye. I'm really glad you tuned in today. We hope you enjoyed the thoughts and ideas. We shared with you age. We post a new podcast every week. So remember to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts so you don't miss an episode. So it's bye for now from my husband brought and I wishing everyone a great day.

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