Episode 48: Nisha Gupta Psychology of Creative Genius

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Episode 48: Nisha Gupta Psychology of Creative Genius

Is there such a thing as a creative genius?

You'll be surprised what you'll hear in this in-depth discussion from a psychologist/professor that teaches creativity.

Our guest Nisha Gupta discusses being a Liberation Psychologist, and an Arts-based Phenoma-logical Researcher. She shares with us her unique way of approaching creativity and thoughts on how art and creativity can facilitate healing in response to societal oppression. Nisha also discusses her dedication to understanding society's impact, on the individual and trying to cultivate societal or collective healing.

Nisha, who is also a very talented artist, talks to us about various forms of creative expression and how it has impacted her life.

One of her recent achievements was producing an art-based phenomenological project "ILLUMINATE",  a short film about the lived experience of being in the LGBTQ closet.


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