Season 2 - Ep: 10: Nikita Hattangady - Writer, Producer, Director and Children's Book Author

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Season 2 - Ep: 10: Nikita Hattangady - Writer, Producer, Director, and Children's Book

Rod & Inci Jones talk with Nikita Hattangady about her creative journey and what inspires her and the challenges she faced.

Nikita is an award-winning writer, director, and producer who founded Nouveau Journey Productions. She talks about her debut short film - Falafel, and how it has traveled across the globe in the festival circuit. 

We learn what it's like to own your own production company and independently produce films and distribute them to film festivals. 

Among Nikita's many talents she also authored and illustrated a children's book on diversity in America, which is currently used in schools as a teaching tool. It is a book that is dedicated to each and every American that lives the American Dream and is a part of the great melting pot.

Readers get a glimpse of different countries, their flags, and representative costumes and even learn how to say "hello" in numerous languages.

In the book, We Are American, children learn about heritage, the value of unity in diversity, and the importance of celebrating one's roots while still being a true American.


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