Season 2 - Ep: 4: Sixtine Crutchfield - NFT's the Future of Creativity

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Season 2 - Ep: 4: Sixtine Crutchfield - NFT's the Future of Creativity

Have questions about NFT's in the art world? What are they? Why are they important? How do they affect the art world?

Rod and Inci were pleased to create this special edition episode on NFT's. This method of selling creativity is being talked about everywhere. Still, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what an NFT is and how it applies to art and other forms of collectibles, luxury goods, and even music.

They discuss NFT's and what the letters actually stands for. They explore the many possibilities of this new medium and how digital art is finally being recognized on the world stage as an art form.

In this episode, Rod & Inci Jones have a discussion with the Director of Art at WiseArt/WiseKey - Sixtine Crutchfield, about NFT's, blockchain, and what this all means to the art world.

Sixtine shares with us the impact NFT's are having on the art world and how it creates the opportunity for more people to see, own, and share art worldwide.

We also touch on Blockchain and the Metaverse.

Anyone who creates any form of art will now understand the opportunities to use NFT's to share their creations.

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  • Rod and Inci, thank you for this great interview with Sixtine Crutchfield. The conversation touched on many new aspects of NFTs and with a depth that enabled a different level of understanding for me.

    terri on

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