Season 2 - Ep: 6: Isabelle Knight - Strategies on How to Build Your Brand

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Season 2 - Ep: 6: Isabelle Knight - Strategies on How to Build Your Brand

Learning to promote yourself and create visibility online is no easy feat. There are so many avenues of promoting your brand or business and it can be confusing and overwhelming. In this episode, Rod & Inci Jones talk with Isabelle Knight a PR & Brand Strategist and Senior Publicist.

She shares proven strategies on how to build a brand for artists, writers, actors, musicians, and just about everyone who needs to have more visibility in the public eye. You will learn some valuable advice that she has used to help people become more famous and achieve prominence worldwide.

Isabelle is a successful publicist with a background of 20 years in TV, Film, Books, Entertainment, and Lifestyle Brands. Clients and Campaigns she has worked on include: JK Rowling (Robert Galbraith) Strike Series for BBC & Brontë & Warner Bros; Mrs. Wilson for BBC & Snowed In; Gangs of London for Sky & Pulse Films; Sex Education for Netflix & Eleven Films

In this competitive world, it's not easy to get the recognition you need to build your brand or increase your prominence. This episode will help creative people navigate the sometimes complicated route of PR and publicity

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