Thought Row Episode 7: Sonia Bublaitis - Art Community, Family & Friends

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Thought Row Episode 7: Sonia Bublaitis - Art Community, Family & Friends 

A thought provoking conversation about the art community, family and friends. And how to inspire your creativity.


Show Notes: 


R: And here we are… motivating you to live more creatively.

I’m Rod Jones.


I: And I’m Inci Jones…  Welcome to the Thought Row podcast.

Let’s start with a motivational quote.


R: What do you have for us today Inci? 


Quote: There are friends, there’s family, and then there are friends that become family.


Discuss - 


R: It’s always interesting the relationships we develop once we pursue any creative discipline. 




I: It seems like our creative lives start out very young, and they can be nurtured by a parent or they can be stifled by a well-meaning parent. 




R: Historically some of the most talented people in the world did not receive any kind of support from their families. 




I: It’s not unusual for creative people to seek out other creative people for support. 


R: What about mentors? People may deny it, but almost everyone has had at least one mentor, even if it was a grade school teacher that taught you the joys of finger painting. 




R: All too often, our creative endeavors are a solo performance. We live within ourselves.




I: This is where group creative activities can be helpful to feel less isolated and form friendships that are mutually beneficial and satisfying. 




R: There was a reason why all of the artists that became extremely well-known in the mid-century had a lot to do with them battling each other at the Cedar Tavern in NY and I’m sure a lot of alcohol consumption made for some pretty spirited debates.




I: It’s funny how alcohol can loosen up people and voicing their opinions when it comes to their form of creativity. 




R: When it comes to great composers like Mozart he wasn’t afraid to party. But also gave him an opportunity to network.




I: What about artist co-ops? Where a bunch of artists open a gallery or even set up a paint shop? 




R: Personally I have not enjoyed hanging out with other artists. I do like chatting with writers. They seem to be more interesting, and if nothing else, it’s fun to listen to their vocabulary. 


R: The great conductor Arthur Fiedler who conducted the Boston Pops for 50 years, did not like hanging out with musicians. He found them boring and he would prefer to go over to a local fire station and hang out with firemen. 




Sonia Bublaitis Interview -

I: Well our guest today is VERY involved in her local artist community. And she was lucky enough to have a very supporting family. 


R: Tell everyone who our guest is today Inci.


I: Her name is Sonia Bublaitis and she lives in the England. 


R: Hi Sonia welcome to the Thought Row podcast. Both Inci & I are very pleased to have you as one of our guests. 


I: Hi Sonia, it’s good to have you on the show today. How are you doing? 


R: We really want to ask a tough question in the beginning...what did you have for breakfast today? 


I: I have to admit, Rod had never really pronounced your last name correctly. I know it as Sonia Bublaitis...I have to ask though, what is the heritage of your last name? 


R: Since we are a global community...what city in the UK do you reside? 


I: You seem to have a lot of artist friends that are close by...have you in the past painted with any of them or created art with them? 


R: How has the art community helped to support you in your creative process?


I: Do you feel that it is important for artists to connect with other artists? 


R: When did you first have the ambition to be an artist? 


I: You seem to be very active in your creative community. Tell us about what you like and dislike about going to the various local art groups. 


R: What do you attribute to your goal in creating the artistic style?


I: What do you want to be best known for? 


R: We met you on social media and have had the opportunity to see posts about your art. Has social media been a good platform for you? 


R: I know you created art with your mom and we were familiar with the art of her’s that you shared on social media. What kind of creative relationship did you have with her? 


I: You have not only been very knowledgeable but you’re such a warm and friendly person to chat with. 


I: We are so glad you were able to be on this podcast with us. 


R: It was a real pleasure Sonia...looking forward to speaking with you again.


I: She definitely was a great guest and had some good thoughts on how you can incorporate a community into your art process. And how having a supportive cadre of creative friends is important and vital in your life. 


R: Next week we’re going to have a surprise guest so stay tuned I know you’ll enjoy what they have to say.

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  • Loved listening to Sonia tonight, she is an inspiration. And I must add she is a lovely friend too to me.

    Helen Ballantyne on
  • Glad you enjoyed the episode Lori! Thank you so much for listening. Sonia is not only talented but a great person to chat with. Thanks again Lori – Rod & Inci

    Rod & Inci Jones on
  • Loved this episode! It was wonderful hearing from Sonia and loved these discussions between you two as well ❤️

    Lori on

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