Thought Row Podcast Episode 4: A Conversation with CM Curtis Best Selling Amazon Author

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Thought Row Podcast Episode 4: A Conversation with CM Curtis Best Selling Amazon Author on his success story and advice to upcoming writers and authors. 

Topics that are discussed

Inci : Thought Row listeners today we have a formidable writer CM Curtis. He has published 11 fiction novels and 5 of them have been #1 bestsellers on Amazon. Others have managed to reach the #2 spot. And I want to add...I am currently reading on Kindle “The Three Lives of David Kelly”, which we will discuss later.

Rod: Thank you for being with us, do you mind if Inci and I call you Craig? We know that you write under the pen name of CM Curtis. 

We have a really tough question to start off with for you… I know our listeners will want to know. What did you have for breakfast today? 

  1. What is your favorite topic to write about?  
  2. What was the very first book that you published? 
  3. The Three Lives of David Kelly is a book that I am currently reading...and it is so emotional and insightful on the human-ness of how we perceive our lives and how our lives affect others. Craig, were there any real life stories that inspired you. 
  4. Every writer has advice for other writers, and I know you are developing a course for writers. What would be your best advice for new writers... and can you give that to us in three words or less.
  5. I know your wife was your chief transcriber, could you tell us how that worked for you? 
  6. Considering your favorite writing genre, what really got you in the frame of mind to become a writer.
  7. How much research do you do prior to the start of a book?  
  8. How much background research do you do on your characters that you write about? 
  9. You said you like writing Western novels, can you imagine the day when one of those or one of your other books are turned into a movie?
  10. Who is your favorite Western author?

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