Episode 18: When Collaboration Celebrates Creative Talents

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Episode 18:  When Collaboration Celebrates Creative Talents

Our special guests are Dominique Nancy, Darren Sleep and Lisa Lawrence, who collectively created All Fashioned by Nature. 

The three artists with completely different passions and interests living on opposite sides of the world joined forces to form a collaboration. Dominique from Canada is a sustainable fashion and style blogger. Lisa from the U.S. and is an artist and graphic designer. Darren is from the U.K and is a botanical artist and photographer.

All Fashioned by Nature represents a collection of eco and well-being inspired designs that say who you are and what you care about. 

Hosts Rod and Inci Jones and their guests share with you thoughts and ideas on creative collaboration. Especially when you're working with people from around the world.

The Thought Row Podcast celebrates what people love to do creatively. 

If you need positive and creative motivation to lift your spirits for the whole week, then tune in, wherever you listen to podcasts.


Show Notes:

 Hi everyone...And here we are...Celebrating what people love to do creatively... I’m Rod Jones 

And I’m Inci Jones...Welcome to the Thought Row podcast. We invite you to subscribe wherever you listen. We are available virtually anywhere you listen to your podcasts. 

No matter what you do creatively this is the podcast for you. 

Inci, what are we discussing today? 

Today we’re going to be speaking with three people from All Fashioned by Nature. Our guests will be Dominique Nancy, Lisa Lawrence and Darren Sleep. 

I have to admit that this is a first for us...and a bit of a challenge coordinating and having 3 guests plus Inci and I on our podcast. But, I’m sure it’s going to be a really good show.  

Okay...so our quote this week is a really good one that applies to the theme of our show: Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much - Helen Keller 


Ok...it’s now time for our new segment which is...Rod’s Motivational Moment...what do you have for us today? 

Never complain...and never explain. 


First off this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apologize for things you say or do that might hurt other people. But once you start explaining and making excuses you set yourself up for more confrontations. 

I couldn’t agree more with you Rod...I think this new segment is going to be a good addition.

I hope so. 

Collaboration...it’s great for some people and not so much for others.  corporate teams


Some like collaboration...others prefer making or creating in a solitary environment. 

What do you think? Do you like collaborating?

Well, obviously you and I collaborate. But not when it comes to our art. 


What about you Rod?

I find I do my best creative thinking when I’m alone. But I have to admit, there’s been many times when someone else came up with a really good idea and I celebrated their input. 

Let’s get the thoughts from three people who collaborate together and bring out the best in one another on their project All Fashioned by Nature.  

Hi Dominique, Darren & Lisa, welcome to the Thought Row Podcast, both Inci and I have been really looking forward to chatting with you guys. 

Hi everyone so good to have you with us today. I’m with Rod...we have been looking forward to talking to people that collaborate creatively. 

We are excited to talk to you about your creative collaboration and your interesting business model, which is... All Fashioned by Nature. But before we begin, we like to start our show by asking each one of you what you had for breakfast. (this question is for each person)

Which one of you was the brainchild that came up with the concept for your All Fashioned by Nature, which is an online business?

We know each one of you are located in a different country, Canada, England and the U.S. How did you meet or come together? (this question is for each person) 

You seem to all have an interest in nature. When did you first discover this passion? (this question is for each person) 

How does where you live affect your view on nature’s beauty. (this question is for each person)  

Each one of you are very talented in your own right. Tell us what you do creatively when you’re not placing all of your energy in your collaborative project? (this question is for each person) 

What specific talent or talents do each one of you bring to your project? (This question is for each person). 

How do you guys connect when it’s time to discuss each of your creative projects? (this question is for each person) 

When the three of you are discussing a new product or project that exemplifies your creative mission how does that conversation usually go? (this question is for each person) 

I know when people collaborate with each other creatively, it seems to create a special kind of energy and bond. Do you feel a special energy when collaborating together? (This question is for each person) 

What advice would you give to other creative people that want to collaborate with others? Especially if they’re located in different parts of the world and different time zones. (This question is for each person). 

Tell us what has been your most gratifying experience in your collaborative efforts? (This question is for each person)

Where do you see your business model and collaborative efforts will be in 5 years? (This question is for each person). 

Has your use of social media contributed to your success? (This question is for each person) 

Has collaborating with each other on this project impacted your own creative drive? ( This question is for each person)  

On this call we are all creative people. And creative people have a bit of an ego at times. How do you manage to mutually agree on one of the concepts that you come up with? (This question is for each person) 

Has working with your creative partners contributed to your personal growth and ambitions? (this question is for each person) 

What do each of you want to be most remembered by? 

If you could sit on a park bench and chat with anyone from the past, who would it be? 

This has been a most informative discussion on collaboration. Thank you Dominique, Darren and Lisa. We really appreciate you taking the time for this interview with Inci and I. 

Just letting everyone know...if you want to know more about All Fashioned by Nature we will have links in the show notes and also under the show guest tab on Thought Row podcast.com. So everyone can visit All Fashioned by Nature website and learn more about it and connect on social media. 

R & I: Thanks and goodbye everyone.

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  • Thank you, Inci and Rod, for inviting us to participate in your podcast. We are honored to have had the chance to talk about our collaborative project and how it has impacted our own creative drive. It was our first experience as guests to a podcast, and we have learned a lot from this challenge. Keep up the great work, and thank you for inspiring us. We are ready for more adventures like this. Cheers!

    Dominique Nancy on

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